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Aug 12, 2006 05:36 PM

The Best Kim Bap

There's a company beach party this week & I'm busy planning parts of it...where would you recommend (in K-Town) to pick up a great tray or two of kim bap?


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  1. I prefer the kim bap at Seoul Rice Cake Bakery or something to that effect. They're located at 2897 W. Olympic Blvd, just east of Normandie. They use better quality beef in their kim bap than most other places. And they sell it with the fish cakes too instead of the beef, like many other places. If you can't make it to the bakery, they sell their kim bap at the Korean grocery store Hannam Chain which is on Olumpic, one block west of Vermont. If you go to the kim bap section, you'll see that they sell kim bap from many different places, including Seoul Rice Cake Bakery.
    2897 W OLYMPIC BLVD # 104

    1. Thanks, it was a hit! Yea, the beef was pretty good. The shopowners kept emphasizing that Koreans prefer their kim bap with fishcake instead of beef...I thought it tasted better, too.

      They're nice, & the kim bap is very good!

      1. The HK Market on Western has good cheap daily kimbap... usually best to get it fresh early on in the day, later on it gets and tastes a little old. They have both beef and fishcake style.

        Now if you really wanna be hardcore get some soon-dae (korean sausage and liver on the side) and some dduk-bokkee (korean rice cake mix in spicy sauce and fishcake)... all 3 go really well together and should be under $10!