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Aug 12, 2006 05:16 PM

Banh Mi in Sacramento

Anyone know of a good Banh Mi in Sacto? I live in East Sac and work in Midtown. Though for a good version I will happily get in the car and take a drive. Thanks!

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  1. I hate to sound really stupid...but I don't know what Banh Mi is. Please enlighten me!

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    1. re: melly

      My crude definition: a Vietnamese sub sandwich. But much more, when executed well.

      Here is a good thread to get you started on learning about Banh Mi:

      1. re: Oishinbo

        Lee's grub is certainly not the best of the breed, but they make up for it with good locations, inviting stores, and lots of variety for everyone. I usu. go to the Power Inn Road location when I'm in Sac for work. they even have drive-thru (is this a sign that banh mi is now officially mainstream??)!

      2. Huong Lan is very good. A grilled pork sub and an iced mocha with pearls (which does not taste mocha-y at all but just like Vietnamese iced coffee) is in my opinion an excellent lunch, and the combo will set you back all of $4.50.

        I also like the banh mi at New Paris, which is in a shopping center just across Stockton from Huong Lan, so not any closer for you.

        1. I also recommend New Paris. Incredibly affordable, and they do a great job with baguettes and croissants, considering the water we have in Sacramento. Go on a muggy, humid day, and they improve a bit.


          1. i thought the "new" la bou with the lemon grass express on howe was supposed to have them- does anyone know?