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Aug 12, 2006 05:08 PM

Thai in Pittsburgh

What is everyones favorite Thai place and more specifically what do you like to order there?

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  1. Though neither are strictly Thai I would have to say Spice Islands Tea House in Oakland and Bangkok Balcony in Shadyside . My favorites – ginger salad (shredded cabbage, lettuce, peanuts, soybeans, fried garlic and ginger, tamarind in a vinegar fish sauce) I could eat it every day. I also like their bean sprouts with basil. Some of others are the Lat Toke and Night Market Noodle.

    Bangkok Balcony has quite a large menu some more Thai then the rest. I’ve not tried a noodle dish there that I didn’t like - the Thai spaghetti with green curry is my favorite, however the noodle dishes are not the best choice for take out as they tend to become stuck together.

    1. check out Green Mango in Regent Square. it is small and has homey, family run atmosphere. so far we've enjoyed the food quite a bit, but we stick with tofu and fish!

      1. I went to Green Mango yesterday, before reading your post. I got the green curry with chicken and it was fine, but I've had better. My favorite Thai dish so far has been the asia pumpking curry dish at Bangkok Balcony. Nice meaty chunks of the pumpkin in a great curry.

        1. Used to live near Green Mango. Miss it. They make a solid Pad Thai; loved their Lemon Grass Beef. Mark, the owner, is pretty friendly.

          1. I'll bump this up just because I eat at Thai Place all the time and do think it stands up well to most comparison, even if I can't personally compare it to that many others in town. We're regulars at the Wexford location (they recognize us now ;-) although from what I hear they pride themselves on the food being consistent at all 4. The far north suburbs still pretty much sucks for choices like this, so having Thai Place nearby is a huge bonus. (We actually live near Cranberry but in Beaver County, heh.


            Pad thai is very good, or the one I remember when I ate in Shadyside several years ago and tried again recently and was still great is the tiger prawns.

            Went searching and found people somewhat down on Shadyside and/or Oakland Thai Place locations so I don't know. Maybe my standards are low because of the lack of places out here, or just low in general. ;-) Or maybe they're concentrating out here because it's the newest, has pricey rent in a newer strip mall and they have to make that work. Beats me. I think it's good. YMMV.