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Aug 12, 2006 04:16 PM

Matagali - Small Review

Went to Matagali, having heard about it on this board.

I won't be back.

We ordered: fish pakoras, butter chicken, chana masala, eggplant (bharta), shrimp vindaloo, garlic naan, and parantha.

All foods were underspiced, but not entirely without merit.

Fish pakoras were decent, somewhat overcooked pieces of mild white fish in a bland batter; they desperately needed the tasty green chutney which accompanied them. The chana peas were close to mushy, lacking any toothsome or "al dente" quality. The butter chicken was good; as good as the next one. The eggplant lacked smokiness and flavour.

The naan and parantha were disastrous. Hard, not fresh, not made in a tandoor. They tasted old, having been barely revived by a half-hearted and vain attempt to grill them back to life.

$100 for two, with 3 Kingfishers. For that money, I can eat MUCH better Indian food at Cuisine of India, the Host, or almost any Indian resto in town. Or, for much less money, I can eat much better food at King Palace or Maroli.

In fairness, I should add that service was very warm and friendly. But, that almost doesn't matter if the food is overpriced and underspiced.

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  1. I recently went to Matagali, after hearing great things about their Chicken Vindaloo.

    My wife and I had a very average experience there.

    To begin with, our pakoras were bland.

    Our butter chicken, vindaloo and eggplant mains were just OK, underseasoned as you said, Fwagra.

    Portions were shockingly small for quite high prices. Naans were neither hot nor fresh.

    Service was friendly, but very very slow.

    We won't be returning.

    By far and away, the best and most consistent Indian that we have found so far is Kama Sutra on Bayview. Their eggplant bharta is so smoky and tasty!

    I'm still searching for that elusive, perfect Vindaloo. The best I've found so far is at a little place on Yonge called Katmandu.

    Any suggestions on good vindaloo, Fwagra? You seem to eat a lot of Indian.