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Aug 12, 2006 03:15 PM

Fresh Picked Corn

Where can I buy corn that is picked daily in the Boston area?

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  1. Volante's Farm, Needham; Allandale Farm, Brookline.

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    1. re: paulgardner

      I just picked some great corn up at Allandale Farm, and they had a HUGE selection of heirloom tomatoes, which I refrained from, becasue my own heirlooms are ripening...:)

      They are also having a HUGE pottery sale, of all that gorgeous, huge, Vietnamese pottery they carry, 50% off yesterday and today...I got TC's birthday present...

      Their tomato festival is September 26 this year, which I have to miss...;-(

      1. re: paulgardner

        I work in Needham and only really know my way around the main areas. I had never heard of Volante's and went there today. Wow. Great produce. The squash and peppers were beautiful (so excited for the stir fry I'm going to make tonight). Prices were great on some items a little pricey on others, but that is to be expected.
        I stopped to look at the corn and there was a large selection of great looking corn. It was at 1:30pm so I could see the problem with stopping by later in the day.

      2. I got the most amazing local corn at the Brookline Farmers Market, across the street from the parking lot behind the Coolidge Corner Cinema, on Thursday, the best of the season so far, and very fresh. Had a little left for corn fritters for this morning's breakfast, mmm.

        Lots of other fine produce at that market, too; the tomatoes are starting to get very good.

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        1. re: MC Slim JB

          DO you remember which stand it was at? I really like that market too BTW.

          1. re: psora

            I can't speak for MCSlim, but I've always found that the best corn at the Brookline market is from the Dick's Market Garden stand. They sell sugar-enhanced varieties, which taste pretty much like traditional corn but stay sweet for a day or so, as opposed to many places which sell super-sweet varieties, which don't taste much like corn to me, and which have inferior texture as well. At Brookline they are located just to the left of the Clear Flour Bakery stand. They also do a LOT of other markets -- Central Square, Copley, Newton, and Waltham to name a few. I've gotten good corn from some other stands too, but Dick's is consistently great.

            1. re: MichaelB

              Excellent, thanks. I'll give them a shot this Thursday. And I agree, I don't like the super sweet varieties that I've had - crunchy sugar water rather than much taste of corn.

        2. When going to farms like Volante's, remember to get there early-ish. The corn gets really picked over by 5pm.

          1. Verrill Farm, just off of Route 117 in Concord. No better place for tomatoes, too.

            1. I'll second Verrill. We've been eating their corn and tomatoes all week. The white corn is particularly sweet and they have about 25-30 varieties of their own tomatoes available.