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Aug 12, 2006 02:58 PM

SPOTTED PIG wait time

Anyone been there recently and is the food still good?

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  1. Went there Thursday night, but on the late side (10:30 pm) and there were plenty of tables. I had the liver toast, which I enjoyed, and the roquefort burger which was PERFECT.

    1. The food is as greasy and lifeless as ever and you can still wait 45 minutes while Puff Daddy or some other low-life gets seated before you. Avoid and you'll thank me.

      1. Saturday night at 8:10pm was an hour wait. When we left at 10:45pm, it was still packed.

        1. I waited 1.5 hrs for a table of six at 1030 pm on a Wednesday in July, which, even with a table of six, is pretty bad. I would disagree that the food is "greasy and lifeless." I would say the atmosphere (decor-wise) is pretty interesting and casual, the food is a decent to very good (the burger and gnudi are excellent) example of this whole rustic/throwback food craze (see also: Freeman's), but it's not worth waiting for. I find the celebrity factor very annoying in any restaurant, but especially in one that isn't particularly well set up for that sort of thing. Like Freeman's, if this place had short to no wait time, I would go there more frequently. As it is, your best bets are lunch, very early dinner, or a Sunday afternoon.