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Aug 12, 2006 02:07 PM

good eats 55th/2nd ave

just moved to 55th and 2nd ave. would love some suggestions for good food. don't care about ambience or price - just darn good food. also - are there any good pizza places around here? we went to 4 around the neighborhood and they all were horrible! thanks for any tips!

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  1. Grand Sichuan (International Eastern Incorporated)
    1049 2nd Ave At 55 St
    (212) 355-5855

    1. if you like pizza,angelos is right there at 55th and second.if you like burgers,pj clarkes is around the corner at 3rd and 55th,though its dark and crowded at times,another one i like very much is ZIP BURGER at 52nd st right off second ave. the plaza 56 coffee shop at 56th and second ave is good for late night meals and snacks and they are open 24/7 on the weekends.two doors down from right is the jumbo bagel store,which has excellent bagels and sandwiches.

      there are so many more choices let us know ( by cuisine,or price,or both) if you need any further suggestions.

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      1. re: mrbeachy

        I have to disagree. The pizza at angelos is not great a too expensive for pizza. I just had a burger from zip and it was really bad. The last time I ate ate plaza 56, the place smelled like bleach and there was a hair in my food. PJ clarkes is ok, but the burgers were better before it was sold. I really like grand sichuan and also sushi seki. For a good burger I usually go to the burger joint on 56th b/w 6th and 7th ave

        1. re: alex70

          Tried KRUNCH last night and it was pretty good. I got the zucchini pizza so hard to tell what the traditional squares are like.

          Yes, Plaza 56 is gross. I was drunk and the food even tasted bad. Moostruck isn't that great either. I order from the Ritz Diner.

          I do like Zip Burger though. Especially the fries.

          1. re: jenniebnyc

            Been to Krunch twice and like it a lot..but watch that you get
            what you order during the busy lunchtime.

          2. re: alex70

            i had lunch at grand sichuan today-sesame beef and it was really good;however the portions are quite small.

            1. re: alex70

              i forgot to mention- an alternative to plaza 56 is the madison on first ave and 53rd street it has been redone,made bigger and more fancy, has a bigger menu and i think their food and service is WAY better.

          3. Awesome burgers at Jimbo's Hamburger Place on 1st Ave, Btwn 54th & 55th St. Angelo's pizza is great (similar to Patsy's). Try the tuna melt at the Plaza Diner.

            1. THANKS guys for your posts. we tried angelo's - i'm sorry, but the pizza was not that good. the restaurants outside our neighborhood that we like are: babbo's, spice market, thalasso's, bobby van's, peter luger's, shun lee, dos camino's, rosa mexicana, serafina's pizza, blue smoke, nobu. cheeseboy, a lot of people mention grand sichuan - i think we'll try it! please give some more recommendations!!!

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              1. re: abs

                grand sichuan is a good choice-its very different from "americanized" chinese food.its closer to what the native asians eat. i had sesame chicken or beef there and it had very different sauces and spices,but was still very good.

                1. re: abs

                  There is a Bobby Vans on 5th Strret between Lex and Park but I heard the one in Grand Central is better.