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Aug 12, 2006 01:59 PM

Need help ASAP [Place for first date]

Hi just got a confirmed date scheduled for tonight

I need a find a place, preferences :

- No rustic place, or old, prefer newer place
- Excellent food, no price objection
- Easy RSVP
- Japanese or European food
- Air Conditioned
- Not too bright
- No tight space
- Romantic, maybe.. :)

Please help! thank you.

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  1. Maybe Bond STreet? Not so new, but it sounds like it fits many of your other requirements.

    1. I just posted a review on Giorgio's of Gramercy. You could check it out. I know it is an old place, but there is the Mercer Kitchen.

      1. Based on your criteria, Asiate comes to mind. Excellent food, classy but not packed. It's definitely got Wow factor with fabulous views of Central Park. The only thing is because of those floor to ceiling windows it will be bright -- until sundown at least.

        For European, I might hit Toqueville. Modernish decor, not too bright, good food but not trying too hard. I guess it might be kinda romantic in a sophisticated way.

        If you want trendy but easy to reserve, there was an article in the Post about how the mega-restaurants in the MeatPacking district are sitting half-full: Del Posto, Morimoto, Buddha Bar, Craftsteak. I personally wouldn't go to any of these places, but they might appeal to you.

        1. I second the Giorgios of Gramercy recommendation. I also recently posted a review.It is not "new" but it meets your other criteria.

          1. I would also add Suba. There is a moat around the subterranean dining room that makes it very romantic and unusual. Cuisine is upscale Latin. I have not eaten there in a couple of years but have heard no bad reports recently. Another plus is that the drinks are excellent.