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Looking for a good bakery in the West 50s

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Frequently have a craving for something sweet to get through those late afternoons in the office. Can't stand those delis with cookies and cakes all pre-wrapped. Any good place near the West 50s? I have gone to Ruby and Violette for their chocolate chip cookies and the lemon ones are the best. Besides that I have been unable to find anything in the Midtown West food wasteland. Thanks for any suggestions to make the afternoons go by sweeter.

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  1. It may be a little far south and west, but Amy's bread on 9th & 46th is excellent.

    1. There is a bakery on the corner of 52nd (or 53rd) and 8th Ave next to a Starbucks that I can't name, but I have worked in the area forever and gotten good b&w cookies, brownies and an occasional birthday cake there. It's not landmark, but very good and steps above pre-wrapped Entemann's in other places!

      1. Brigita -- the place that you are thinking of is D'Aiuto's. Excellent stuff, but their prices have jumped in the past year.

        1. Oh, OK. I haven't been in a while. Duly noted. It's a hoof, but the Time Warner Center has a Whole Foods that must have something decent.

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            I had one of their fatfree muffins last week - YUM. Super tasty and crispy on top, plus it was a reasonable (ie, not gargantuan) size.

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              Well, if you're in Time Warner Center and willing to splurge, there's Bouchon Bakery...

            2. If you're willing to walk down to 9th Av. between 44th and 45th, Poseidon Bakery is really sensational!

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                ...and if you get that far, Little Pie Company is on 43rd between 9th and 10th. A slice of their Sour Cream-Apple-Walnut pie would make a nice snack.

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                  Oh, I so agree. And in the summer their key lime is also great.

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                    Really? I've been hesitant to branch out because I'm so addicted to their sour cream apple walnut...never had room leftover to try the other flavors. I hear the regular apple pie is nothing too exciting, though.

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                      The first time I went I had the regular apple and I thought, what's all the fuss about? I tried the sour cream apple after reading about it in a magazine, and kept going back. But I'm not much into hot apple pie (I always warm mine up) and ice cream in the summer, so I decided to try the key lime to serve at a dinner party. It's truly wonderful -- no unnecessary whip cream or merengue, just pure key lime goodness.

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                      oh, absolutely! super tangy key lime excellence!

                2. I am not sure if it is still there but on 55th between 5th and 6th closer to 6th, there was a french bakery/patisserie that I went to for years. I have been out of that area for a few years but I was the one who was always put on dessert duty at family events because I would always bring their Trio cake, a three chocolate cake (white, dark, milk type of thing) that was unbelievable and one of their phenomenal fruit tart/cakes or any other of their top notch desserts (strawberry short cake, fancy cheesecake, etc)...A slight bit pricey but always terrific!

                  They also had cases of individual portions/slices, the typical croissants, pastries, etc. and if I remember correctly baguette sandwiches and soups, coffee, etc...

                  Sorry I cannot rememeber the name but I am sure someone on the board will know and also if they are still there. If so, I would definitely rcommend them...

                  1. I'd highly recommend the bakery at Petrossian - 57th and 7th. It is a separate entrance just south of the door to the restaurant of the same name, on the east side of the street. Classic french pastries - almond croissants, fancy fruit tarts, etc - everything I've sampled there has been delish. A little more pricey than the cookies and muffins elsewhere, but you get what you pay for....

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                      Yes! The canneles are fabulous, but they're usually gone by 1 PM.

                    2. That bakery/cafe called Pain Quotidien on 58th and 7th has really good bread. I'm not much of a sweet tooth, so I've never had their desserts, but they look yummy. It's just across from Petrossian, so you could sample both.

                      1. bouchon bakery is the place to go. prices are higher than a lot of other places, but the quality and consistency is unmatched. starting chocolates this week as well....

                        1. Thanks for all the responses. I just went to Amy's Bread today and got some different small rolls so I could sample different kinds of bread, olive twist and white choc. cherry chunker cookie for late afternoon sweets. I will try the others next week and report back. Much as I would like to try Poseidon Bakery, I think it is a little too far south, Amy's Bread was already a hike. I have been to Little Pie Company and I am not crazy about their pies. I will definitely try the ones in the West 50s as it is closer. So thanks everyone.

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                            How about Dean & Deluca? or Minamoto?
                            Underground Cucina & Co has a decent selection. For an afternoon pick me up, my favorite is a brownie from Remi to Go. Their cookies are delish too. Also, Cafe Duke, a megadeli on 51st has a glass case of pastries from Balthazar.
                            And what about chocolate chunk, caramel popcorn from Dale & Thomas popcorn?
                            There is also an old-fashioned candy store on 55th between 6th and 7th, where you can get things like turtles, fudge and other goodies.

                          2. I agree with Pan and Striver. It is worth the walk to Poseidon Bakery on Ninth Avenue where they handroll their phyllo dough. Also, The Little Pie Company on 43rd between 9th and 10th, especially for their sour cream apple pie.l