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Aug 12, 2006 11:24 AM

Had some surgery- Need some menu help

Hope you chowhounds can help. Had some major oral surgery, and probably will have trouble chewing for weeks. WEnt out and bought cottage cheese, yogurt, jello, etc. But am looking for tasty ideas. Last night I made scallops, sweet potatoes, and cooked up garden cherry tomatoes with some scallions, garlic, lemon, OO and S/P. Really good. Any ideas? I like just about everything. TIA

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  1. try this cantaloupe soup:
    i really enjoyed it.

    i just tried the corn soup from the Sunday Suppers book, and will post more about it at some point, but i wasn't a huge fan. it obscured rather than accentuated the flavor of the amazing corn that i had. but maybe i'm just not a corn soup fan...

    good luck with your recuperation!

    1. I love Greek avgolemono soup. Here's an easy recipe:

      3 cans of chicken broth diluted with 2 cans of water (or equivalent amount of homemade chicken stock)
      1/4 C raw rice
      3 eggs
      1/4 C fresh lemon juice
      Optional - shredded cooked chicken
      1 lemon, thinly sliced

      Bring first 3 ingredients to a boil in a saucepan. Cover and simmer until rice is tender, about 15 minutes. Remove from heat. In a bowl, beat the eggs untill fluffy, then beat in lemon juice. Slowly stir about 2 C hot broth into the egg mixture and whisk vigorously. Pour back into rest of soup. Whisk until slightly thick. Add shredded cooked chicken if desired. Serve hot or refrigerate until cold.

      1. Thanks for the hints. Borth great ideas- I love cantalope, and the Greek soup looks like it will taste like "real" food.

        1. Hot and cold soups should be easy on your mouth. How about polenta? Or risotto? Both are easy to adapt to different flavors. I can post recipes if you like, but a google search will bring up lots of options.

          It sounds like you can manage seafood, so perhaps grilled or poached fish? Wild salmon is in season right now and very good.

          Don't know if this is to your taste but Chinese congee was my mother's favorite food to feed us kids when we couldn't eat much. It's just a rice gruel which you can dress up with different flavors - finely chopped pickles, shredded chicken or flaked fish, shredded vegetables. It's easy to digest too.

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            Thanks. Risotto sounds good. Love it- but hardly ever make it- guilty pleasure! But now I have an excuse. I think tomorrow I may have some mushroom risotto.
            Saw a cooking showon Food tv this am- can't remember the show. Some young guy. He made fish cakes on the grill. Looked pretty good. May thry those. Easy to make, too.

          2. Try the shamfully simple bean soup I posted several weeks ago. It is just 1 can refried beans of your choice, one drained can chopped tomatoes, 1 can beef broth, all about 10.5 oz each. Puree all together in blender or processor and chill well. Top with what ever Mexican toppings you feel you can handle. Guac, salsa, sour cream etc. Goes down easily with little to no chewing.

            I second the risotto. Following recent surgery, back not oral, a bunch of the Rxs I was on had me really nausated. Rice was something I found really soothing.