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Aug 12, 2006 09:26 AM

MINX in Glendale

Has anyone eaten here? I drove by tonight and it is the first time I have noticed it. I looked up the website and it looks pretty boring .

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  1. Here's a recent review of MINX from the Daily News:

    1. We ate there (we live in Glendale). The atmosphere was weird -- a big space, filled with hip euro-music. The food was actually darn good. My wife had the filet, I had the steak frite. But the highlight was the chocolate/banana dessert. One minus -- the A/C was struggling and we were sweating. I think, on the whole, we'll still choose cafe Verdu in Montrose.

      1. A rave from S. Irene in the Times this past Thursday.

        1. I made a reservation @ MINX for a party of ten 4 days in advance. I got a call back from the restaurant confirming my reservation. When my party and I arrived at MINX for dinner the hostess said she could not find a reservation for our party. She informed us it was very busy and she would not be able to seat us. I insisted on speaking with the manager and I explained the situation. He checked his computer and informed us our reservation was for next week. I assured him that the woman who called me to confirm my reservation confirmed the correct information, NOT reservations for next week. The manager then informed us that they could get a table ready for us out on the patio, it would just take a moment. By then 20 minutes had past since we first arrived. My Friends and I were standing there waiting at the entrance thinking that the evening was not turning out very well, and maybe we should just leave. It was decided that since they were already getting our table ready we would just stay and try to make the best of the rest of the evening.
          Suddenly in walks a party of 40 teenagers. They are promptly greeted and taken out to the patio seating. The hostess then returns and informs us that our table is ready but because she just sat a party of 40, that party had to settle in and get taken care of, so it would still be a while before she could seat us. Needless to say, we promptly left. We ended up having a delicious, beautiful, quiet dinner at NOE.

          1. Why would the restaurant call to confirm reservations over a week out? Too bad the manager didn't realize that story doesn't make sense and they were at fault. They messed up big time.