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Aug 12, 2006 05:45 AM

Fish tacos in the DC area?

Although a longtime on-and-off-again DC area resident, I've never had a decent fish taco here. Does anyone have any places you recommend?

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  1. The best place in town for fish tacos is probably Taqueria Poblano, with locations on Mt. Vernon Ave. in Alexandria and Lee Highway in Arlington.

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    1. re: westofrome

      Agree...of the places I have tried locally (gave up a while ago) Taqueria Poblano comes closest (but not that close) to what I was used to in SoCal. Tasty regardless.

    2. My husband liked the fish tacos at Mexicali Blues in Arlington.

      1. Where have you tried already that you didn't find decent?

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        1. re: Steve

          Some time ago, I tried several places in the area--the only ones I remember are Taqueria Poblano and Baja Fresh--and remember being consistently disappointed. But from what people have said, I'm going to give Taqueria Poblano a second chance: things seemed a bit off in general the day I was there, so it may just have been a bad day for them.

          I wish I could remember the place in Baltimore I went to that made a particularly bad mess of things: the fish was soggy. But my memory fails me. Sorry.

          1. re: jonburrows

            I might not be of much help since I haven't met a fish taco I didn't like, but El Burro at 2000 Penn is good (it is the only item I will order there), as is the chain of Moe's Southwestern Grill, a cafeteria-like place where you should order it as they recommend. I prfer these to Baja Fresh.

        2. Clare & Don's Beach Shack in Clarendon have fish tacos as well. I liked them but don't have a reference for comparison.

          1. When I am dragged once a year as part of a group to Cheesecake Factory (shudder), I am slightly heartened by the fact that their Baja Fish Tacos are actually decent. Not great, and like everything else at CF, not cheap, but if you're trapped there, it's one way through their minefield of a menu.

            Description, from the menu: "Three Soft Corn Tortillas Filled with Fresh Grilled Fish, Spicy Avocado Cream and a Spicy Citrus Salsa. Served with Black Beans, Rice and Guacamole."