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Chez Maman Bernal closed?

I was only out of town for three days, but driving home up Cortland tonight we saw that Chez Maman was shut down, and there was some work going on inside and to the exterior: either they are closing or doing what appears to be major remodeling...anyone know the scoop?

(I did a search first to see if anyone else had posted on this, since I've been down south and on the LA boards for a few days, didn't see any, but my apologies if I missed it...

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  1. Looked very closed today at 11:30AM.

    1. I've heard on a Bernal board that it is being revamped as French-Vietnamese.

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        Bernal board? Where can I find that? Is there a Noe board too?

      2. I'm assuming here, but it's probably a Bernal parents board that Calvinist is referring to, not a Bernal food board. Would be cool to start one of those, though.

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          The Bernal parents board is where I read the same news. Evidently they're trying to get the price point down, too.

          I was totally underwhelmed by Chez Maman by my third visit (by which point they'd gotten rid of the boudin noir entree), so I'm not sorry to see this change.

        2. that's correct -- it was the Bernal parents Yahoo group.

          1. OT -- anyone know what's going into the old Moki's space on Courtland?

            1. I thought I saw a sign up that said it would be closed for a couple of weeks. Looked to me like they were renovating, but I saw someone scraping letters off of the window yesterday. . . .

              1. I heard a rumor that a new upscale Peruvian place might be coming to Cortland. I'm guessing it'd be in the former Moki's location.

                1. Chez Maman will reopen shortly as a pan-Asian restaurant. The chef is Mike Yakura most recently of Le Colonial and a Chronicle Rising Star Chef last year. I'm not sure when they will open, but I think within a couple of weeks. Mike is a friend, and a terrific chef. I look forward to trying whatever they call it when it opens.

                  1. They're already open, although they don't have a name or a sign yet. I got take-out a couple nights ago--same manager, same wait-staff, different paint job. The price point's about the same, as far as I can tell. The menu is divided into "small plates" and "large plates," and I ordered five small plates for two adults and two small kids. That turned out to be pretty light, in terms of filling our bellies, and the total was @$40.00. The duck-confit spring rolls were very nice, the green salad was fresh and well dressed if not wildly unusual, the crab wontons were light and pleasing, with a good sauce, chicken drumettes were also good. And somehow I can't remember the fifth item. But my overall impression was nice, clean food, with interesting flavors, and perhaps a little too expensive to be a weekly affair, which is too bad, because I live around the corner. I think I'd have to spend more like sixty bucks to feed everyone to satisfaction, unless the large plates are generous. But overall, I'm going to say thumbs up.

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                      Wow, it all sounds so promising. Is the name of the place the same?

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                        Anyone know if it's still the same owners as Chez Maman?
                        Look forward to trying it.

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                          The ownership is the same. The chef is different. They will be reopening La Suite soon, too. I think they're still deciding on a name. Any ideas?

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                            THANKS Monday!

                            Are they going Pan-Asian with La Suite as well?

                    2. yeah, Pan-Asian at La Suite as well.

                      1. How about .... Bernal Equinox ?????

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                        1. anyone know the story of how all this went down? While I wasn't a big fan of Chez Maman's food, but it always seemed pretty busy. It's not everyday that a semi-successful restuarant that has only been open for 6 months just suddenly changes its entire menu and look. I'd be interested to know what happened.

                          1. I don't know every detail, but I think that it was the perception of the owners that Chez Maman duplicated some neighborhood efforts rather than adding to the mix (as pan-asian certainly will). Also, it is serving as a sort of testing ground for the menu that will be run at the new incarnation of the La Suite space. I'm fairly certain that it was not because of any big problems at Chez Maman. It's probably good sense to get the most out of a new, hot chef as possible. I'm afraid there's no drama to report!