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Aug 12, 2006 04:55 AM

Chez Maman Bernal closed?

I was only out of town for three days, but driving home up Cortland tonight we saw that Chez Maman was shut down, and there was some work going on inside and to the exterior: either they are closing or doing what appears to be major remodeling...anyone know the scoop?

(I did a search first to see if anyone else had posted on this, since I've been down south and on the LA boards for a few days, didn't see any, but my apologies if I missed it...

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  1. Looked very closed today at 11:30AM.

    1. I've heard on a Bernal board that it is being revamped as French-Vietnamese.

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      1. re: Calvinist

        Bernal board? Where can I find that? Is there a Noe board too?

      2. I'm assuming here, but it's probably a Bernal parents board that Calvinist is referring to, not a Bernal food board. Would be cool to start one of those, though.

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        1. re: Atomica

          The Bernal parents board is where I read the same news. Evidently they're trying to get the price point down, too.

          I was totally underwhelmed by Chez Maman by my third visit (by which point they'd gotten rid of the boudin noir entree), so I'm not sorry to see this change.

        2. that's correct -- it was the Bernal parents Yahoo group.

          1. OT -- anyone know what's going into the old Moki's space on Courtland?