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Aug 12, 2006 03:00 AM

wine stores that have tastings of relatively expensive wines?

Are there any wine stores in the Los Angeles area that have tastings of relatively expensive wines?

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  1. Colorado Wine Company in Eagle Rock and Silverlake Wine in Silverlake.

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      ooops. I read this wrong; I read in-expensive. we all see what we want to I guess. Both places do have great wines at any rate, definitely on the less expensive side however.

    2. Moe's in Brentwood does sometimes. (

      1. The Wine Country in Long Beach (on Redondo) has at least one tasting a week and they do well to select good medium-priced wines. I think they have a web site.

        1. For something unusual, try the Gourmet Cheese and wine bar in the South bay galleria, great tastings, 7 wines with a light dinner, every Friday night 7-9, prices vary according to the wines used. Check out website, Gourmetcheeseand wine at the south bay galleria.

          The tasting is at the Gourmet cheese and wine bar, 1815 Hawthorne blvd in the South Bay Galleria, Hawthorne blvd and Artesia, in Redondo beach, 2nd floor next to entrance to Nordstroms. Reservations needed, call Andy, 214-2122.

          1. Red Carpet in Glendale or one of Vendome's many locations do tastings of wines that are sold at a variety of prices. I'd bet the swanky places on the West Side probably have good tastings as well.