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Aug 12, 2006 02:51 AM

dinner near Sturbridge?

My family will be driving back from Waltham Ma to Hartford and is looking for good dinner options near Sturbridge. We love Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, seafood, but can eat good burgers or pizza too. Casual family dining.

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  1. There really aren't many casual dining restaurants in Sturbridge. I have ate at Piccadilly Pub on Main Street. I love their turkey burgers.

    1. OK so it seems like not too much around Sturbridge. How about dinner options near Charleton MA?

      Rachel again

      1. The search function is your friend. Sounds like the options are Perennials in Sturbridge or the Yankee Diner in Charleton.

        1. Blumie: Can you tell me more about Perennials and the Yankee Diner?

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            I have no independent knowledge of either. But I searched "Sturbridge" and "Charleton" on this board, and came up with recommendations for both. If you search those terms, you will find a few threads discussing each.

          2. One possibility in Sturbridge is Rom's, an Italian restaurant that's been there forever, on Rt. 131. Their food is very reliable "red-saice" Italian and American standards, not fabulous but always good and they are definitely casual and family-friendly.
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