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Aug 12, 2006 02:41 AM

Peanut butter from hell & umpteen more pepper recipes

I've been checking out local Mexican markets and some how wound up with packets and packets of different dried chile powders and flakes. What to do?

The pepper fool to the rescue.

This site has hundreds of pepper recipes ... fresh, dried, paste, powder ... well, almost any form. It also spans every ethnicity with some fusion in there (Grilled Shrimp Bruschetta with Salsa Fresca ... Egyptian Chili ... Asian Guacamole).

There are also a lot of links to pepper sources. The site does look like it hasn't been updated in a while. There's a restaurant section that has a few places no longer exist.

However, the recipe list is worth looking at.

One idea was adding hot pepper to peanut butter.

I haven't made the actual peanut butter from hell recipe yet which has peanut butter mixed with crushed garlic, dried onion, garlic powder, sesame seeds, honey, lemon juice, soy sauce & Habanero powder (or hot red chili powder).

What I have tried is mixing peanut butter with honey and different hot powdered pepper ... the chipotle is fantastic.

Even with my dumbed down version it is like the site says ...

"It really does work, and is pretty tasty also ... three different things that happen. First is that your taste buds get the sweet from the honey. Second a mild taste of peanut butter. THEN **KABOOM** RED PEPPER! ... It should take from a count of eight to ten seconds for the grenade to go off"

Peanut Butter from Hell

Main recipe page with a bazillion other pepper recipes

I'm giving the Microwave Chile Brittle a try next ... or maybe a take on the Triple By-Pass Grits.

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  1. Pepper with peanut butter sounds like a great combo..I might just experiment this this idea.
    (Cheddar cheese and peanut butter taste fab together too.)

    1. Try sprinkling cayenne on chocolate ice cream, or better still mint chocolate ice cream. I did this with a batch and we really like the little kick the cayenne gives it.

      1. someone gave us a jar of spiced mixed nuts at the holidays and I ground it in the processor. It was so good. Don't know what the spices were, but flavors I could discern were garlic, S&P, sugar, rosemary, cayenne., maybe paprika.

        1. Thanks for posting this recipe. I've often dreamed of bringing my own Viet/Thai-style lettuce wraps using spicy pb and lean chicken for my lunch for work. I have been trying to track down Peanut Better's savory peanut butters but they are either sold out or the places I go to only carry the sweet varieties. I don't eat enough PB to justify the expense of mail order. I've thought of making my own, but I couldn't find a recipe. This recipe is a great find. Thanks.