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Aug 12, 2006 02:38 AM

Niman Ranck Pancetta

I just got one of their Pancettas via Fed Ex today. I am thinking of making carbonara, but there is a lot of Pancetta. Any suggestions? I am also thinking of doing some bean soups. Lay it on me.

Has anyone ordered from them before?

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  1. I've ordered rolls of pancetta from Niman Ranch. It is excellent. I cut the roll into two inch round chunks, wrap them individually and freeze.
    Use for other pasta: bucatini alla matricianna; chicken chunks, pancette, mushrooms, etc
    Slice thin and wrap around quail, grill or saute.
    Wrap around pieces of monkfish for brochette, salmon filet and grilled
    Cut into lardon and saute them for salad; for bread stuffings.
    Pancetta vinaigrette for salad of baby greens (baby spinach), sliced mushrooms, etc.; for potato salad; great over grilled or baked raddichio
    Substitute for salt pork for for coq au vin, boeuf bourguignonne; chicken caccciatore

    1. Dice and sauté with diced onion as a basis for risi-bisi.

      But for pasta all' Amatriciana I prefer to use guanciale--I order it from Salumi, Armandino Batali's company in Seattle. Niman occasionally makes guanciale but I like Salumi's much more--better balance of fat and lean, tastier seasonings.

      1. Freeze whatever you can't use, in reason able portions.

        1. i cut up some today and used it to make stewed okra that came fresh from the farmer's market this morning. Goes great with my tomato sandwich