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Aug 12, 2006 02:22 AM

Ogunquit with kids - one non-seafood lover

Have read all of the posts about Ogunquit - we'll be there for 2 nights. We're thinking of the Lobster Pound for the first night but we'd like seafood and not for the second night and I'm kind of stumped. We'll be doing the Marginal Way and Perkins Cove for lunch one day. Any ideas?

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  1. MC Perkins Cove is the best restaurant in Perkins Cove. Recent review by Boston Globe gave it 3 1/2 out of 4 stars. WE have taken our 2 1/2 year old grandaughter there and it was fine. If you want steamed lobsters or lobster rolls, our 3 and 5 yr old granddaughters love Barnicle Billy's in Perkins cove- sitting outside on the deck and feeding the ducks oyster crackers. The chowder is yum and the choices for non seafood lovers and kids are good- hot dogs, hamburgers, very good barbequed chicken. if you want service and more choice go to Barnicle Billy's etc. which has steak. fried chicken, fried clams, fried fish , chicken sandwiches etc.

    Touristy but with a nice view and a kids menu is Jackie Too. Also in Perkins Cove. Sit outside in tented area. We went recently by default since Barnicle Billy's had a line of about 30 people. The grandchildren loved the ice cream sundae that came in a pottery bucket with a wooden handle!

    1. I secound the Jackie Twos in Perkins cove, very nice , great view and reasonably priced. There is a great steak place, up Rt 1 in wells. Its called the Steakhouse. if you dont want fish some night thats a good place. If you like Italian you could try Vinny's east coast Grill. On rt 1 in Ogunquit. They have a nice kids menu there also. Hope you have a good time.

      1. I heard some good things about Joe Allens in Ogunquit, but my favorite is the Ogunquit Lobster Pound, as well as the following:
        On the Marsh in Kennenbunkport
        98 Provence
        Omelette Factory
        I think Bintliff's lost its shine, and need to be turned around fast, or close.

        1. My wife and I prefer Oarweed's over Jackie's in Perkins Cove. Better service, food, and the view is just as nice. In fact, the cove that both Jackie's and Oaweed's look out over is actually called OARWEED Cove. Barnicle Billy's, and BB etc. are the only restaurants overlooking Perkins Cove.

          1. Elaine,

            If you've already done the Marginal Way and Perkins Cove one night, you might try the Maine Diner on Route 1 in nearby Wells. I just took my 10-year-old, non-seafood-eating daughter there, and she went nuts for the chicken pot pie. The restaurant grows its own veggies in a big adjacent garden. The menu has a good mix of seafood dishes, too, for the rest of you, prices are cheaper than in Ogunquit, and service is friendly and efficient.

            There is also a good-sounding Thai place in Ogunquit, if that's of interest...