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Aug 12, 2006 01:47 AM

Curtis' BBQ, Putney VT?

I passed by this place last weekend but didn't have time to try it; is it worth a stop next time I'm up in Vermont?

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  1. Although some say it can be inconsistent, it's absolutely worth a stop. Curtis' sauce is amazing, and the whole experience is pretty unique. Make sure you say hello to the pet pig!

    1. Curtis' can be maddeningly inconsistent. I've been there twice in the last couple years. The first time was awful, and I thought "I'll never come here again"...but then my parents wanted to go a few months later with my wife and me, and it was fantastic, best BBQ I ever ate.

      1. The visit I had there was terrible. High prices for what you are getting; 80% of the ribs were so tough they wasn't edible. 10% of the ribs on the plate were juicy and wonderful, the other 10% average.

        The bbq sauce is a vinegar base

        I won't be returning.

        One tip - there is a sink around the back right hand corner to wash up at.

        1. I've posted about Curtis' before and basically it boils down to cost. It's not cheap and it is SO inconsistent that I just buy the BBQ sauce and make my own ribs. As a Putney local though I can do that easily. If I was vacationing or just passing through, I would definitely stop and eat there and give it a try.

          1. This place is a total joke. The ribs are tough and tasteless. The sauce does not make it much better.
            The owner looks like BBQ guy. The place looks like a highway funky BBQ joint. Geez, rural Georgia comes to rural Vermont? Hardly..
            Probably New Yorkers heading north are so charmed by the thought of what it could be and should be that they gloss over what it really is. Bleeech!