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Aug 12, 2006 01:46 AM

Veggies from the Farmers market

I'm taking three college students to dinner and the request is for places that make the most of what's in the farmers market. There are some obvious places -- Campanile, etc -- but they're a little rich for the present purpose. Any ideas for more modest restaurants?


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  1. Hungry Cat
    The restaurant at the Getty Center.

    1. Hungry Cat
      M Cafe
      Angeli-- especially for the Thursday night dinner-- nice for a group
      Lucques- Sunday night dinner only
      Campanile-- Monday night dinner only

      1. Josie in Santa Monica and Firefly Bistro in So. Pas also have special "Market" nights... :)


        1. Also Ammo or perhaps the best choice, BLD, new from the folks at Grace