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Aug 12, 2006 12:26 AM

Canned Crab, what to do besides crab cakes?

Any ideas? I'm trying to lose weight right now - so would love healthly alternatives for using up the large can of crab in my refrigerator. Maybe crab cakes are not as evil as I think they are?


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  1. How about a low fat crab dip? Could be good with veggie sticks or crackers. I found this one on-line, but haven't tried it...

    But a really good crab cake (or two) can't be all that bad, especially if you put it on top of a salad! Just make it mostly crab, with not too much "filler", so you're getting the protein, but not the bad stuff. Good luck!

    1. Phillips, the company that cans Costco's refrigerated canned crab, has an excellent group of recipes on their website. Just go here:

      and, as it says on the site, "To return the largest number of crab recipes, simply select "crab" as the Main Seafood Ingredient and leave the rest of the options unchanged." When I did that, I received over 700 crab recipes.

      1. Crab and Herb Fettucine recipe from epicurious sounds pretty tasty, haven't tried it yet but it looks somewhat healthy! Link below:

        1. Yeah, crab dip or crab salad. Think maybe red onions, sliced pimentos, and artichoke

          1. Vietnamese Spring Rolls! After frying they freeze and reheat well. Great to eat right now or later. Really really good eating.