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Aug 12, 2006 12:16 AM

"Lacquered" Scallops ???

I'm looking for a good way to "lacquer" scallops, but without truning them into rubber. I want there to be on them a thick, dark, glaze; like an 80's coffee table, but on soft, just cooked scallops. Can it be done?


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  1. maybe cook them just about to the point you want them ... then paint on a thick, dark glaze and then torch it - it will heat the glaze but not long enough to turn the scallops to rubber.....

    1. I thought about that, like a bruleed scallop, but what to use at a coating? Maple syrup reduction?


      1. Big scallops are hard to cook through (I'll slice them into 2-3 pieces) so I'd say brown both sides and then add terriyaki sauce and roll then about a bit.

        1. I would try coating them with either Gravy Master or Kitchen Bouquet. That should create a well darkened glaze.