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Stove top berry pie success and picture!

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Made another one of these great blueberry pies.... the secret is adding lots of fresh berries after cooking and thickening half of the berries.... here's a link to the recipe and story:


and here's a link to a photo....


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  1. Wow, she's a beauty!!!!!

    I will put this on my "to make" list. (Thanks for posting :)

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      just a note about a few changes I made - you can decide if they make sense for you.... I cut back the brown sugar and substituted some vanilla sugar that I have (sugar with vanilla beans in jar) - the first time I made it - I thought that the brown sugar was a bit too present - didn't want to upstage the berries. I also put in the zest of one lemon while I was juicing a lemon for the recipe. Both times I've gone with the flour as thickener but I'm thinking next time I might try tapioca starch or even corn starch - the flour tastes a bit thick/floury but it does a good job of not thinning out over time.