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Aug 11, 2006 11:03 PM

Rouge in Fashion Island-no more

I noticed today that Rouge in Fashion Island know has a sign that says French 75. I know that Culinary Adventures owns both. My question is are all of the French 75 the same? I have only been to the one in Laguna which is pretty decent. I have been to Rouge twice and was dissapointed both times.

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  1. Rouge was ok. Not disapointing for me, but underwhelmed...considering that I like FR 75 in Laguna. You think this location is troublesome or just not hitting the niche?

    1. We went for French onion soup and dessert one late evening, neither of which was done well, so I'm not surprised. (But in OC that usually doesn't matter.......just a joke!)

      1. It's my understanding that Rouge presented some trademark issues going forward. I imagine they're replicating the French 75 formula as that is the one they are using for expansion anyway (to wit: the new Fr 75 in LA and soon, beyond).

        Keep in mind, this is more industry rumble than certified fact.

        1. Rouge was indeed converted to a French 75 as a part of the ongoing expansion. (A new one opens in Century City in two weeks.) The Laguna location is the original and has a different feel from the rest, in so much as it's in a quaint historic building. However, all of the French 75's (Irvine, Newport, Laguna, Century City and Burbank) essentially have the same menus.