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Me and hubby want to try Musha tonight. Are there enough dishes without beef and pork to satisfy my fish lovin, chicken and veggie lovin self?

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  1. Yup! Some of their best dishes are veggie based (Tofu Salad, Cheese Risotto, green bean salad, croquettes). Have a great time! :)


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      I think the risotto has pancetta in it, but you can ask to have it omitted.

    2. Definitely, most of the dishes are fish-oriented, and there are also salads and rice dishes with no meat. I believe the spicy tuna on rice cakes is one of the more popular items.

      1. Plenty of stuff to eat. Have the noodles... "Sara Udon" or the layered egg dish. You'll probably have to wait for a seat since it's a Friday.

        1. Fried purple potatoe croquette. Get sashimi, and vongole udon.

          1. The mackerel sashimi, seared tableside, is very good. The cheese tofu is also delicious; more of a dessert for me than an appetizer, as it is served with a pot of honey!

            1. thanks guys! I'll report back...

              1. We enjoyed Musha greatly.
                Here is what we had:
                spicy tuna dip/rice crackers=keeper
                lobster roll = keeper, my favorite!
                yellowtail sashimi=good but would not reorder
                pickle salad plate=keeper,loved it!
                octopus, noodle egg dish=interesting, but would not reorder
                musha fried chicken=good but not again
                pumpkin croquette=loved it,keeper!
                tofu cheese dip w/honey = perfect dessert
                plus we had great sake, great service from a very cool staff
                Total bill= 80 bucks and most importantly, we had a great time and laughed the whole way home! gotta love it! I live in Santa Monica and would never have noticed this place without Chowhound. Thanks, chow pals! ( what did I do with my time before chowhound? oh my!)

                1. After reading so many glowing reviews and the wonderful recommendations above, I finally went to Musha (Torrance). It was wonderful. This is what we ordered:

                  PUMPKIN CROQUETTES. This was positively wonderful. Hot all over. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and a nice orange glow all over. Served with two sauces: one is a white sauce that I'm not exactly sure what it is made of (some mayonaisse in there though) and a brown sauce that was not entirely hoisin sauce, but definitely contained hoisin.

                  I wanted to order the purple potato croquettes, which I suspect is taro, but they did not have this item in the Torrance location.

                  CHEESE TOFU. This was a very soft tofu that probably had cream cheese in it. In fact, it tasted more like cream cheese than tofu. It was served with a small pot of honey, some small bread slices, and crackers. Like some of the other posters mentioned, this was more a dessert than an appetizer.

                  TUNA SASHIMI WITH RICE CAKES. I wanted the spicy tuna on rice cakes, but they did not have it at this location. Nonetheless, the tuna sashimi was very, very good.

                  MACKEREL SASHIMI. One server came over with a small blowtorch and seared the mackerel at our table. Good fish, but way too salty. I'd stick to the tuna.

                  SHRIMP DUMPLINGS WRAPPED IN TOFU. Three dumplings served with a ginger sauce. Each dumpling resembled a small bag, tied with a thin green vegetable (like a scallion). The tofu skin tasted more like a deep fried wonton skin. This was a good dish.

                  Total bill: $40.00. Not bad.

                  For those who have not been to Musha, all of the above dishes are essentially appetizers. Thus, instead of eating individual entrees, you're getting a bunch of appetizers, which is just fine with me.

                  We had different servers serve us. All of them were young Japanese or Japanese-American men. They were very friendly, polite, prompt, and provided good service. They were also quite cute! One of them looked like Apollo Ohno, only taller, thinner, and without the soul patch!

                  1725 Carson Street #B
                  Torrance, CA