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Aug 11, 2006 10:46 PM


Me and hubby want to try Musha tonight. Are there enough dishes without beef and pork to satisfy my fish lovin, chicken and veggie lovin self?

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  1. Yup! Some of their best dishes are veggie based (Tofu Salad, Cheese Risotto, green bean salad, croquettes). Have a great time! :)


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      I think the risotto has pancetta in it, but you can ask to have it omitted.

    2. Definitely, most of the dishes are fish-oriented, and there are also salads and rice dishes with no meat. I believe the spicy tuna on rice cakes is one of the more popular items.

      1. Plenty of stuff to eat. Have the noodles... "Sara Udon" or the layered egg dish. You'll probably have to wait for a seat since it's a Friday.

        1. Fried purple potatoe croquette. Get sashimi, and vongole udon.

          1. The mackerel sashimi, seared tableside, is very good. The cheese tofu is also delicious; more of a dessert for me than an appetizer, as it is served with a pot of honey!