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Aug 11, 2006 10:32 PM

Ambala Dhaba on Pioneer - expanded?

Driving on Pioneer yesterday to pick up some Boba when I noticed a brand new looking Ambala Dhaba. I believe it was located in the new 99 Ranch Market complex, or just south of that. When I drove past the original Ambala Dhaba location, I saw its named changed to Ambala Dhaba Lunch Counter or something similar.

Anyone have the chance to explore either of these places? I'm confident they will continue to keep their quality up, but was wondering if there is something new or different with either location.

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  1. I would also like to hear more...
    I ate at the India Restaurant across from the market on the East side of Pioneer today. Very good.

    1. Here's the deal: the old Ambala Dhaba is now just a lunch counter and the new Ambabla Dhaba is a nice upscale Indian with the same quality. The lunch counter has the most popular dishes from the prior menu available for a you-pick, they-serve service. They refill these steam table entree's, rice, etc. as they run out. The new location is really nice with a fountain, water running under plexiglass through the floor and Bollywood DVDs playing on the monitors. The food is just as good as before and the menu is larger now. Still the best Indian in LA!

      1. The Boss & I stopped into the new Ambala Dhaba while picking up some pantry needs at the Little India Market. I can see why it is so highly recommended here. We could not resist ordering the same main course, since we're both huge freaks for goat curry, and were, in the end, a little bummed out to have not sampled more of their menu. Everything we had was superb and the atmosphere was relaxed, warm and cozy with fun elements like the water feature and Bollywood movies playing. We'll definitely be going back soon. It's some the best Indian we've had since moving back to SoCal.