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Aug 11, 2006 10:09 PM

Is the arepa lady around these days?

Planning on going from Brooklyn tomorrow night exclusively to have her arepas and hoping to not have a third frustrated search for the mythical lady. Has anyone seen her around these days? If somebody can report tomorrow if they saw her tonight, even better! THANKS

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    1. re: byrd

      But what are her "usual hours"? She doesn't state times.

      1. re: byrd

        Nope, just "regular hours". Does that mean 5:00pm or 10:00pm or both?
        Perhaps you have to register with "My space" to get more info, but it's not working for me at the moment.

        1. re: Ida Red

          I believe her regular hours start around 10 p.m. She was there last night- thank God! She is not in the corner of 79th, but rather in the middle of the block. The arepas were as great as Jim and everyone has said- and until yesterday I thought my grandmother's were the best in the world! Well, my gandma's are different type of arepas (thin and crunchy) so the comparison is unfair. Both the cheese ones and the sweeter choclo were great; and I might be leaning towards the choclo as they were less insanely huge. We went to the corner (Amor Prohibido) and bought some lulo juice, which is the perfect companion for the arepa. It requires some talent to hold the juice and the arepa simultaneously, but I highly recommend that combo! Yumi.

      2. I'm wearing my "Venezuela" souvenir shirt as I type this. I'll eat a MozzArepa from a street fair and be happy, but if I venture out to Jackson Heights, this sounds like it'll be a real treat.
        I guess everything has to be in alignment and it depends on the phases of the moon, etc. for this woman to be out there, but it's worth a try (10pm to 4am).
        Fridays and Saturdays only....hhhmmmm.

        I don't like arepas that are too sweet. I hope hers aren't like that. I'll be sure to post.