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Aug 11, 2006 10:05 PM

Oakdale Dinner

Looking for some decent food near Oakdale. Not fussy just looking for tasty.

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  1. Hi, you'll get more responses on the California board because Oakdale falls out of the SF Bay Area

    Here's a link to an older thread:

    1. The Red Fox. Post on the CA board - I'll give details.

      1. Hi,
        I'm sorry, I have NO sense of direction because I don't drive, but my husband tells me Oakdale is on a different route to Yosemite. If you take route 140 - do stop at the Red Fox - it's a great down home restaurant with great food IN MARIPOSA.

        We stopped for lunch in Mariposa driving from SF to Yosemite. I asked several locals and the Red Fox was the winner. It's on the main drag on the side of town closest to Yosemite. Has a small parking lot in front and is right next to the restaurant that advertises itself as having the biggest menu in the area. Everybody said to avoid that place.

        OK - The Red Fox, first, I go in and it's formica kitchen tables and mismatched chairs - actually, I take that as a good omen. Lots of locals including cops, firemen - that sort of thing. So of course, I start asking them what is their favorite thing to eat and I start walking slowly around taking a look at what looks good on people's plates. One woman tells me they come from miles away just to eat there. The menu is large, with lots of choices. It's pretty all-American with aspirations that scream somebody tried to get trendy with the kind of fern bar foods that were cool in the 80's.

        The consensus was THE thing to be sure to try was the reuben sandwich with the zuchini fries. I have to say it was the most delicious reuben I've ever eaten. Not corned beef, but rather, brisket or tri-tip and I think it might have been coleslaw instead of sauerkraut. But this ain't the Carnegie Deli we're talkin' 'bout here...The zuchini fries are huge, crispy - absolutely fabulous. Made me want to make them at home myself. (and thanks for reminding me! That would be a good how-to question for the home cooking board.)The police said to try the homemade soups and homeade bread. Also be sure to check out the daily specials.

        If you're going to Yosemite, be sure to eat at the main dining hall at Curry Village. The HUGE 3 meal a day all-you-can-eat buffet is an incredible value for very little money. They have so many choices for each part of each meal that I was deeply shocked and almost embarrassed. What it lacks in quality (ALL-AMERICAN MEDIOCRITY) it more than makes up for in quantity. For dessert there are probably 50 choices. You can make a breakfast of anything and everything you could possibly imagine eating for breakfast. Plus if you're Latino or just like the food - at each meal - there are always choices to make a complete ethnically appropriate meal. Ditto vegetarian imitations of the meat entrees. And if you don't like the salad bar, or the several soups, or the baked potato bar, or the probably 5 different entrees - you can always head over to the burger, fries, hot dog and junk food area and load up your tray. They must have hollowed out Half Dome to store all the inventory they need to keep this almost nightmarish extravaganza stocked. It occured to me, as you never see the giant semi trucks that must have to run constantly to supply this conrucopia of dubious food megalomania, they must have hidden service roads that the tourists never see, clogged bumper to bumper by 18 wheelers spewing out exhaust 24 hours a day.

        What a rant. And you only wanted to know about Oakdale...
        AND you didn't even get any info. about Oakdale. But, at least I got that off my chest about the spiritual travesty of turning Yosemite into a shrine to conspicuous consumption of mass quantities. I guess it's been bothering me somewhere in the back of my mind since we went to Yosemite last year.
        But we DID have a SPECTACULAR time. Yosemite IS the closest thing to heaven on earth. And perhaps, to Americans, the conspicuous consumption of mass quantities of mediocre foodstuffs IS heaven. Sigh...