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Aug 11, 2006 09:42 PM

Lukoki Hawaiian BBQ in Mountain View

Went there for lunch today (close to Target), and got a BBQ Combo (Beef and Chicken) with Curry Sauce Rice Bowl.

I had tried them when they first opened, and wasn't that impressed, but today, I thought the rice bowl was pretty good. First of all, it was a big bowl! For $5.50, I thought it was a good deal. They include vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, zucchini) that are just par-boiled, but the beef and chicken was BBQed nicely, and I really liked the curry sauce that went on top (they also offer teriyaki sauce as the other option)

I couldn't finish the whole bowl, it was too much.
For a quickie lunch that is decently priced, Lukoki has a pretty good deal. I couldn't find any loco moco items, which they used to have.

How does this compare with other Hawaiian places, chowhounds?

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  1. I suppose it depends on what you want to eat at a Hawaiian place. I always look for kalua pig and that's my standard for judging a lunch plate shop. Lukoki's didn't impress me, although their musubis weren't bad. With Da Kitchen or even Ohana Hawaiian BBQ available in the same town, Lukoki runs a pale 3rd place in my book.

    That said, I've not tried a rice bowl at Lukoki, mostly because that's not what I look for a Hawaiian joint.

    1. I agree that Lukoki doesn't equal the other Hawaiian places that have sprung up recently between Mountain View and Menlo Park. In particular, the macaroni salad at Lukoki is simply too sweet. The chicken katsu, which I had my first time there, was generous but greasy. Kalua pork unremarkable, with a short sour flavor, some unrendered fat, and not much else.

      Musubi, as most places, is fine. There must be something about musubi -- and spam musubi in particular -- that is just hard to mess up.

      I'd like to know what Hawaiian-style gravy other hounds recommend.

      And I would like to find reasonable saimin somewhere in the South Bay or on the Peninsula, if anyone has a suggestion. The broth should be lighter and less simply salty that I keep encountering.

      Oh, to be at Ethel's in Honolulu...