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Aug 11, 2006 08:58 PM

Villa Gigli in Markleeville - Anybody been?

Spent a few days camping and fishing near Markleeville last week. Tried to make reservations at Villa Gigli sevaral days in advance, but they were booked for both Saturday and Sunday - the only days of the week they are open. The story, as I understand it is that Mr Gigli, a retired baker from Florence serves family style, fixed price dinners only on weekends (on the deck outside his house). Antipasto, salad, homemade pasta, dessert and coffee for $25 per head. I pleaded in my best Italian, offering to eat in the garage or barn, but was unable to secure a spot.

Have any of you eaten here?

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  1. Not for a few years, but several times in the past and looking forward to dining again there this fall. Meals are rustic as is setting. Menu is what Gigli feels like doing: tasty pasta sauces with lots of chopped vegetables, home made pastas, good desserts from a local pastry cook.Wine list is short but good, based in part on the Gigli's Napa connections. He was in wine sales, his charming wife was an artist who did wine labels--Silver Oak, for instance, which they had on the list last time I dined there and at a very good price. It is not refined or polished like the better Italian restaurants here in the Bay area, but I really enjoyed the food and the experience.

    1. Its also been several years for me, but my experience was very similar to the poster above. Its a great place for a Sunday late afternoon/early evening meal on the deck after a trip to Grover Hot Springs. Hmmm.....maybe its time for a return trip.....