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Sushi Haru, South Kansas City

Hi 'Hounds,

Went to the new Sushi place in SKC (Okay, the only Sushi place in SKC) for lunch the other day.

It is located in the new retail center at about 132nd & State Line.

Although I am somewhat of a Sushi neophyte, I truly enjoyed the good service and excellent food. We ate off of the Lunch Menu, and were pleased to sample some of the other menu items compliments of the chef.

My lunch partner also thought is was outstanding, and he is better versed in Sushi than I.

Definately worth a try.


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  1. Thanks, Nick. Sushi news is good news.
    There are other choices for sushi in SKC, depending on your idea of south. The Sushi House in Town Center offers some pretty good lunch choices.
    But Jun's, 7660 State Line, still has the best sushi and the best sushi chef. When John is behind the bar, it doesn't get any better in KC.

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      Mike, I had a VERY bad experience with nigiri at Jun's several years ago, probably 2003, and haven't returned. Have you been going a long while? Is it possible they've vastly improved, or did I just have an unusual experience? Every piece of nigiri was cut way too thickly. The rice was unseasoned and tasted as if it'd been chilled. Some of the fish was slimy and tasted old (I remember the salmon in particular, yow.) In my mind, that's quintessential BAD sushi.

      On your rec, I'd be willing to give them a second chance. I'd love to know what John looks like, so I can sit at his end of the bar!

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        That's interesting... Jun's is always highly recommended on Chowhound and egullet... I've never been, but it always seems to get recommended more than anything else.

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          I've been going to Jun's for 20+ years starting with them when they were on 103rd west of Wornall. I've never had a bad experience with either food or service.

      2. I'd heard of a place out in Independence that's supposed to be excellent. Anyone else heard of it?

        1. I eat regularly at the place in Indep, it's called Jin's and is at 40 Hwy & Noland Rd. It is really good and the chef there is VERY nice and really gets to know his customers. The only draw back is he has a limited menu, but will make about anything you ask for(if he has it).

          1. Sushi Haru is now my favorite sushi place in Kansas City. IMO, only Sushi House (in Town Center) and the Kona Grill are close. Jun's was once considered acceptable, but has been very poor lately in mine and my friends' opinions. Sushi House is rather pricy, and Kona Grill is generally too loud and too dark.

            Sushi Haru, on the other hand, is like a really nice cafe. The have a very nice wooden sushi bar, a saki bar, several tables (no booths), and two traditional seating rooms. The menu choices are standard Japanese, as well as some Americanized variations. There are not a lot of places you can get hot pots for lunch.

            Sushi is where they really shine. I have been eating there weekly for the last year (both lunch and dinner). The sushi chef (Mr. Shen) who is ALWAYS there is fast, polite, and remembers his regulars well (providing them with treats). He usually has one or two additional chefs with him. The menu has all the standard fare, but many tasty rolls to boot. I have never eaten at a sushi bar with so many interesting rolls. There are many not on the menu, so you should inquire.

            For example, they have a Five Star roll which includes lobster, the Sea Monster roll which has spicy tuna and seaweed on top, the Shaggy Dog (covered with shredded crab), and the Pretty Woman roll - hot, crunchy, and spicy. There are at least two dozen rolls on the menu as well.

            They also have super-white tuna, which you rarely see in Kansas City. This is much like the texture and taste of Medium Fatty tuna - most wonderful.

            I cannot praise this place enough. I don't waste my time, or my money, anywhere else now. Please give it a try

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              Sushi House just opened a second location in Olathe in the Avignon shops on 119th near Blackbob. I had a great experience there.

              We ordered the Crazy Lobster Roll (Lobster tempura, cream cheese, radish sprouts wrapped in soy paper, Spicy mayo and sriracha chili sauce) and a Tropical Roll (Tuna, Salmon, Mango, Masago, Avocado, Soy Paper, & Spicy Sauce). The Tropical was so delicious, I've been thinking about it for four days!

              Then we odered MOCHI for dessert. It was Strawberry ice cream with a wrap around it similar to the texture of fondant, but tastier.

            2. Any recent visits to Sushi Haru that anyone would like to share?

              1. This is good to know. I live right near this restaurant but have been too afraid to try it because I didn't know anyone who had been there. So far Sushi House is my favorite, and that is usually where I go. I will try Sushi Haru soon!


                1. We went to Sushi Haru tonight and recommend it. The fish was delicious and the service was very good. We frequent Jun's and have rarely been disappointed there, but the "hit or miss" aspect of sushi restaurants prevents a lot of exploration and keeps us going back. A good thing about Kansas City is that it can support both of these excellent venues, and I am pleased to have discovered another great sushi restaurant here in KC.

                  The vegetable gyoza at Haru was a little overdone and the veggie tempura was a shade thin, but we loved the "Love Rolls" and the seared Tuna sashimi was heavenly. I was pleased to find "Happy Hour" appetizer and drink specials on a Friday. It was clear that the people who run Haru know what they are doing. We'll be back to sample more of their menu and next time we're sitting in one of the traditional rooms. From what I could tell, both of the 8 or 12 seat rooms were unoccupied during our entire visit.

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                    I haven't tried Sushi Haru - this is good to know! My family usually goes to Kyoto in SKC. It's on 135th btwn. Lamar and Metcalf. It's really good and the service is great and personal. Re: Jun's - I went there a few weeks ago. Hadn't been there for years. Had a good experience.

                    Here's a question: When I lived in L.A., I could get fresh sushi at the grocery, even made to order. Is there a grocery or specialty market in K.C. that has fresh sushi? The HyVee, Sun Fresh and Hen House I've tried have rubbery, below-par offerings (and yes, I'm aware of the difference in ocean proximity btwn LA and KC : )

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                      Whole Foods has fresh sushi. The chefs will even make custom orders if you catch them in a good mood. :)

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                        Excellent! I'll check that out. Thank you!