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Aug 11, 2006 08:05 PM

Cheap beer anywhere in the city? eg. pitchers under $12?

Seems like if you want a pint of beer in Toronto you have to shell out at least $5-$6

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  1. Try Sneaky Dee's on College and Bathurst. The pitchers are maybe $12-$15 depending on what kind of beer.

    1. I think domestic pitchers at the Wheat Sheaf are ~$12. Half price wings Sun, Mon, and Tues too.

      I'm keen to hear of other beer deals though--nothing is better than a cheap pitcher of beer :)

      1. Bistro 422 on college at bathust is hands down the cheapest booze in the city

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        1. re: hoohaa

          I second that! I love that place.


        2. There's a little place called the Unique Bar & Grill that has pitchers (only one choice of beer) for $8.50. It's on Irwin St., right next door to the Ethiopian House restaurant (just north of Yonge & Wellesley). It has a nice patio too.

          1. Just wanted to thank you for this thread.. I've got a lot of beer drinking to do before summer's up :)

            Is everybody talking about *decent* beer? I know beggars can't be choosers, but I wouldn't pay $2 for a pitcher of Coors, Canadian, Bud, etc...

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              If it's decent beer you want, head to Caffé Volo on Monday nights. Most of their pints are $4 then, and they have a great microbrew selection. The Denison Weissbeer is particularly appealing this time of year. The food isn't fantastic, but is passable.