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Aug 11, 2006 07:51 PM

Nice experience at Ozone Pizza

Great pizza to be had. Had the Broccoli Rabe slice, the Chicken Marsala slice, and even took a regular slice to go. Everything was good. The Chicken Marsala slice was VERY good. These were both thick squares, not thin pizza slices. Some really nice flavor all around. Their regular slice was a pleasant surprise too because they put fresh onions in their sauce and it tasted fantastic.

The display case had some awesome-looking calzones, rice balls, stuffed peppers, and various pizza "rolls" resembling stromboli. Every item looked very fresh, and every item was huge! They don't skimp. They have a nice menu too for such a small pizza shop. I'll try a hero or "hot plate" next time. Amazingly, the prices are right too.

I then ventured into Howard Beach and later Broad Channel. There are great pizza shops all along Cross Bay Blvd. Can any hounds make any good recommendations? I'm sure there are some really nice finds. I also liked Rag Time and Brothers while I was out there searching for some "pantry items".

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  1. New Park Pizza is the best in that area - by far.

    1. Try Romano's across the street from New Park. Great pizza and plenty of toppings.
      New park has a chinsy pizza pie.

      1. Thank you! Finally, someone else can sing Ozone's praises besides myself--I've been talking about this place for quite awhile, and yet, I rarely see anyone ever post about it, except me.......Thanks for the report-----it is authentic, and a great deal! Next time try the antipasto, it's great. Someone turned me onto this place a few years ago, and I've been a regular ever since-----------the atmosphere is hard core NY.

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          i second the enthusiasm for ozone pizza. i stumbled upon this place about 6-7 years ago and ever since, have insisted to anyone who would listen (even on these boards once or twice) that this was the best square slice in the city . now, i'm not going to compare it here to di fara's square slice, since i think they're different enough that it would be an apples-to-oranges comparison. a more fair comparison would be l & b spumoni gardens and rosa's (crispy but semi-spongy crust with the sauce atop the cheese); ozone is definitely better than either IMO.

          what's more, this place is just down the street from a bunch of trinidadian and guyanese roti shops. you can eat really well just by going up and down liberty ave and lefferts blvd. in the ozone park/richmond hill neighborhoods.

          and yeah, this place is a really authentic old ny, 1960s-style pizza joint, i.e. the type that you don't see as much of anymore. it's a total dump inside, but it has character; it's a throwback to when ozone park used to be an italian neighborhood. last time i was there, i even heard the guy making the pizza speaking in italian with a customer, an elderly local man who i assume is a regular.