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Aug 11, 2006 07:47 PM

getting mad at Joe Peeps. They are losing me!!

I could go on and on about how the last pizza was not great, and not even good, but that is not the purpose of this post.



Make certain that you are getting fresh mushrooms (assuming that's what you want). I didn't think to specify this time.

What we got: a s**tload of horrid *canned mushrooms.*


By the way,
the *fresh mushrooms* are delicious, plentiful, and recommended.

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  1. I gave up on their pizza years ago, if this is your neighborhood stick with Mazzarino's or Little Toni's for Pizza unless anybody can make some other suggestions. I like my pizza in between, not paper thin but a bit thicker.

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    1. re: Hypnotic23

      Albano's in Studio City, or D'Amore's Pizza Connection... and I do like Mazzarino's quite a lot.

      1. re: Hypnotic23

        For pizza, Dino's at the SE corner of Burbank and Hollywood Way. Although we have recently started patronizing Little Toni's and really like the vibe. Pizza at Little Toni's is serviceable but not as good as Dino's, but Dino's is basically a take-out place with some tables if you want to eat there (which we do). Little Toni's kind of reminds me of Piece 'O Pizza on Wilshire in West L.A. that my grandparents used to take the grandkids to back in the 1960's and early 70's, before we were old enough to understand what the slogan meant.

      2. I don't like this place either. I got mad the very first time I ever attempted to go in - through the wrong door, apparently. Their door faces Magnolia, they have a sign sitting out on the sidewalk that proclaims their special, they have a red neon sign hanging in the window facing Magnolia that says "OPEN", and the door is usually wide open. But, you cannot enter through that door from the sidewalk, because that is their kitchen. I didn't realize I wasn't allowed to enter, since I had never been there before, and a cook blocked the door and told me I had to go around the back and enter through the parking lot in the alley. So I never went in, until months later when it was very late and I was starving and needed a slice of pizza. And I didn't much like what I got- WAY to heavy on the cheese for my taste. Now I prefer Pagliacci's, at Moorpark and Coldwater.

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        1. re: h2obemo

          Not that I want to be in the position of defending Joe Peep's BUT the pizza they sell by the slice is their thick crust pizza. The "blue collar" or thin crust pizza is much more minimalist, with less cheese and crust, and IMHO a much better pizza than the variety you tasted. If you ever give it another chance, then try the blue collar.

          1. re: bodie

            this wasn't my first experience with Joe Peep's. I've been going there for years. But this is the first time that spongy rubbery wet canned mushroom showed up in my food.

            If (when) I go back, I will order: a 5,969 calorie pizza, well done, fresh mushrooms, lite (less plentiful) green olives, and extra cheese.

        2. oh, so that's what the blue collar pizza is, can you get it by the slice too? like the regular thicker slices.

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          1. re: kevin

            They don't/won't sell blue collar by the slice but I think it is pretty cheap to order a whole one. I am not in love with the pizza from JP but it is certainly one of the better options in my 'hood. I lived one block from Casa Bianca before I moved to the Valley and have yet to find a pizza that good. I am thinking that Dino's should be the next place I try.

          2. Out of some type of guilt trip (certainly not a reward!) my employers have gotten Joe Peeps for us a few times in the past, as a way to thank us for our hard work and to keep us working through lunch. OK, I will get over my biterness, but I really think their pizza is oily and soggy. I tried some vegeterian combos, pepperoni, sausage with mushroom and I figured plain cheese would probably be the only thing I would eat from that place. The soggyness of the pizza just ruins it for me. I'd go with either Albano's, Little Toni's, hell even Barone's would do the trick!

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