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Aug 11, 2006 07:46 PM

vegetarian tasting menus

I've been trying to find a place that has a vegetarian tasting menu as well as a "normal" one and I thought Patina might be the answer. But I was near there yesterday so stopped in to check. They only had ocean and game tasting menus. I asked if they could do a veggie one, and the hostess said the chef probably could if was warned in advance, but I don't want that. I want a place that already has one and is proud of it.

background: i've only had the pleasure of trying tasting menus a couple of times - 2 at Charlie Trotter's (both superb) and once at Maison Akira (unimpressive and dissappointing) - so considering the rarity of this occasion, I'd really like it to go to a place that does a great veggie one and a great normal one (my dining companion is the veg)


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  1. I've actually never heard of a vegetarian tasting menu in L.A., but perhaps it exists somewhere. I recommend calling Grace and finding out if its possible -- even though they don't advertise it, I think they would be more equipped to do a good job with it than Patina.

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      Yah, I haven't read many good things about Patina lately (and I've never been) so I didn't really want to do it there

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        Vegetarian menus are increasingly common in LA...and will be more and more so as more and more of us demand them :). Melisse has a GREAT one, expensive I know, but really fabulous.

        Also, for anyone interested, theres a really good new vegan place in North Hollywood...Lotus Vegan, on Vineland south of Magnolia. Also, the fabulous Bulan Thai (vegan) is opening a second branch, in Hollywood I think.

      2. Melisse has had one as long as I have been going.

        Looks good right now. Celebration of tomatoes.

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          Good to know. Kinda seems like a lot of money for tomatoes, but perhaps it's worth it. Also worth noting is that there's lots of cheese, so it's not for vegans.

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            Hey chowpatty (love your name)...just mentioned this in another post so forgive me if I'm repeating myself, but Lotus Vegan in North Hollywood is fantastic (new place) and Bulan Thai is opening a second branch in Hollywood (I think).

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            AAAHH! I think that looks delicious, but the miss who needs veggie fair can't handle raw tomatoes (and cooked is always touch and go with her)
            ...painful to deal with such a restrictive palate when i'll eat anything

          3. If you ask nicely, Restaurant 561 will put one together for you.

            1. You could try Madeline in Tarzana (might be spelled differently). Be warned: it is vegan - so no dairy products (I am a vegetarian but I like cream in my coffee & real ice cream),

              1. Hello! Just to let you know the good news: Patina (the one next to Disney Hall) now DOES have a vegetarian tasting menu :)! My husband and I are both vegetarians and have made a reservation to do there in January.