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Aug 11, 2006 07:35 PM

Peninsula wineries

I'm going to be staying in Palo Alto next weekend and don't think I'll be getting up to Napa, but I think that David Bruce is somewhere in the South Bay, and I'm wondering if there are any other good wineries or tasting rooms around the Peninsula that anyone would recommend. Or is it really worth it to bite the bullet and make the trip up to Napa? I've only done it twice, but it doesn't really seem new anymore...



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  1. Ridge. Some of the best zins anywhere.

    Thomas Fogarty, makes one of the handful of fine California gewurtztraminers.

    It's a lovely drive over the hill to Bonny Doon, and you could also visit Phipps Ranch.

    1. Here are a bunch of options:

      I would go to Ridge, because I have really enjoyed their Zin lately, and then check out some of the neighboring wineries.

      1. I'm not a big wine drinker, but I liked Ridge Winery too. Free tastings of 3 wines and crackers. Check out their website:

        Open for tasting and sales Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 4.

        Plenty of picnic tables outside, check for rattlesnakes under the table before sitting down, cuz there are rattlesnakes at wineries, there is a sign that says it too. Nice bathrooms in a separate building outside, flush toilets and all.

        Ridge Vineyards & Winery
        18100 Montebello Rd
        Cupertino, CA 95014
        (408) 867-3233

        Also check out:

        Picchetti Winery
        13100 Montebello Rd
        Cupertino, CA 95015

        This place is nice for wine tasting ($5 for 5 pours I think--my husband tasted some and liked them. Great for having a picnic, and hiking in and around the area. They are part of the Pichetti Ranch Open Space Preserve, next to Stevens Creek Park and if you want a longer hike you can start at Fremont Older. Don't miss the peacocks that are at the winery.

        1. I can't comment on the wines, but also in the area is the Savannah-Chanelle winery, up on Highway outside of Saratoga Village. The address is 23600 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, but basically you need to be looking to the left side of the road as you get a couple miles up, lest you miss the entrance for the forest.

          1. I would go to david bruce (on Bear Creek Road) and taste their petite syrah (yum)

            Byinton Winery is also on Bear Creek Road (also on Bear creek rd)

            Bonnie Doon is great, especially their muscat

            Thomas Fogarty is nice as well