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Aug 11, 2006 07:34 PM

Anderson Valley wineries

Heading up there for the first time in a while and boy are there a bunch that are new to me

Any comments on the following? I'll update this list as I get more info.

Black Kite Cellars
Breggo Cellars*
Elke Vineyards
Esterlina Vineyards
Londer Vineyards & Winery**
Philo Ridge Vineyards
Raye's Hill Vineyard & Winery**
Toulouse Vineyards & Winery

*see below for tasting room info
**tasting by appointment

The following make wine from AV grapes but are elsewhere:

MacPhail Family Wines - Sebastopol
Skewis Wines - Healdsburg
Woodenhead Vintners - Russian River

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  1. I'm a fan of the Goldeneye Pinots. Recall hearing some good comments on Esterlina and Skewis, iirc, the latter are in the higher price range.

    Please report back on your finds.



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    1. re: PolarBear

      I had a great visit to Goldeneye last week. Remember of course that it is part of the Duckhorn family. However, they do a good job of presenting the wines ($10 per person) and it is a beautiful and comfortable setting.

    2. I'll second the Goldeneye rec. Haven't tasted them myself, but my cousin was there and said good things. I've also heard some good things about Woodenhead and Skewis, but nothing with personal experience.

      I'm assuming that you know about Lazy Creek.

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      1. re: Midlife

        Oh yeah, we've been going to Lazy Creek for years. Not as good a value since the new owners raised the prices. Other standard stops for us are Navarro and Roederer.

        I'm not a big fan of Brutocao, Claudia Springs, Greenwood Ridge, or Scharffenberger. Handley and Husch, hit or miss.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          If you're not a fan, you'll want to know that Bob Klindt of Claudia Springs makes Harmonique. I am a fan of his pinots and viognier.

      2. We truly enjoy Goldeneye. The wines (pinot and pinot gris only) are outstanding, if you like very fruity California wines. The tasting room is set up like a living room in a a (wealthy) friend's house and the tasing fee includes some pinot-appropriate snacks and they use Riedel pinot glasses. BUT, you really need to call first as I think that the tasting room is only open when they have current releases to sell.

        We have also enjoyed Londer's wines, especially the pinot and chardonnay. Again, these are big, fruity California-style wines. I don't think that they have a tasting room yet, but the wines are readily available in the area.

        Mike at the Wine Shop in the town of Mendocino is also very happy to make recommendations within the store and the general area. We've tasted both a Woodenhead and a Skewis in his shop. Though I can't recall either very clearly, I know we bought some of the Skewis Pinot, so I must have enjoyed it.

        Some of the longer established AV wineries are also producing pretty wonderful stuff. Navarro is always a treat, particularly since it is hard to buy their wines elsewhere. I also think that the Husch wines have greatly improved in recent years and now represent some of the best values around.

        Enjoy your trip!

        1. You're probably aware, Robert, Goldeneye is part of the Duckhorn family (Decoy, Paraduxx). They make another Pinot Noir called Migration which is also quite tasty and almost half the price of Goldeneye. I notice their website says currently sold out, next release Mar. 07, so don't know if they'll have any available for tasting.

          1. I love the wines from Londer, but don't think they have a tasting room. Try to grab a bottle of their gewurztraminer. It is excellent: dry, aromatic, long finish. Skewis and Handley make excellent Pinot Noir. I haven't tasted Scharffenberger sparkling lately, but it is so much fun to tour methode Champanois (sp?) houses that it might be a great stop regardless of the wine quality.

            We were up there recently and camped at Hendy Woods State Park. What a beatiful setting! The whole valley is stunning. Enjoy.

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            1. re: monday

              Was just getting ready to post about the Londer Pinot Noir, tried it for the first time recently, very impressive.