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Aug 11, 2006 07:21 PM

NW DC Food?

I am in town this weekend and need a breakfast/lunch place in NW DC - any suggestions?

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  1. Go to The Diner in Adams Morgan. GREAT breakfast. it is on 18th between Columbia and Florida avenue. also in the neighborhood is Cashion's Eat Place (comfort food) and the Grill from Ipanema (Brazilion) and Perry's (great Sunday brunch on the roof) - all are on Columbia Road just south of 18th/Calvert.

    1. Luna Grill & Diner on Connecticut just south of Dupont Circle.

      1. try Kramerbooks in Dupont. Definitely an experience. Food is great, service is spotty. They have a great brunch(which includes alcohol).

        1. About Kramerbooks. Three words. Violent explosive diarrhea. Proceed at your own risk.

          Go to Luna Grill. If that's crowded, try Madhatter or Sign of the Whale if it's still open.