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Aug 11, 2006 07:17 PM

vn broken rice plates/ dishes on the westside?

hello. i am new to west l.a. i have a serious craving for broken rice. cheap. delicious. filling. but i dont have the time or the energy to drive out to sgv or oc. am i out of luck?

i hope not! anyone know of places in ktown that have broken rice dishes? ive noticed that in ktown, they tend to have pho and nothing but pho!

thanks in advance

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  1. If Le Saigon on SaMo and Federal is still around, you can get broken rice dishes there (or you could three years ago, the last time I went)... ask for com tam.

    There's also two VN restaurants on Sepulveda and Victory in Van Nuys, which is a lot closer to WLA than the SGV or OC. Pho 999 is on the NW corner, and Pho So 1 is on the NE corner next to 99 Ranch. Both have com tam.