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Aug 11, 2006 07:01 PM

Chrystie's on Flatbush new location report

I was double parked with the car so can't vouch for the look or vibe at the post-move Chrystie's (down Flatbush a half block and across the street). But the wife says it was a bit cheerier and I think she mentioned a table or two inside. We did the standard hit and run on the beef and chicken patties and coco-bread. The beef was within the usual quality range and the coco-bread was lighter and fluffier while still being deliciously moist n' lard laden. However, the chicken was changed to a strange and perhaps disheartening degree. As much as their patties can fluccuate in spiciness, and can vary in texture, this change was veering off the map - chicken being my favorite I take this very seriously! In the past they were usually almost like pulled pork in their texture, very spicey and flavorful without being too salty. The two we had that day were grey, minced, too wet and oddly vinegarry. Very disappointing, though not nearly inedible.

This is of course after only one post-move visit. Haven't yet gone back to the veggie patties, or any of the full fish, ckn, etc meals, or cakes. We will of course - it's Chrystie's. I'm not going to let the best patties in Brooklyn go down without a fight. I always thought it was amazing that no place I ever tried deeper into Crown Heights or Flatbush proper was comparable.

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  1. Have you tried Buff Patty on Myrtle Avenue in Fort Greene? Good patties...also, I can't foresee better veggie and soya patties than the ones at Ital Shak on Nostrand near Empire Blvd.

    Not saying that Christie's isn't great...these are some others to seek out.

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      I had a calaloo patty at Ital this weekend--it was good but the ends had too much crust, and I ended up covered in a greasy, flaky mess. I don't mind an occasional veggie, but nothing trumps a good beef patty.

      I like Christies, but my only complaint is that they keep their patties waaaaaay too hot. There have been times I've bought one, walked home, and a half hour later it's still too hot to eat.

    2. Thanks for the tips - it's been a while since I tried some different. I've been lazy. I've actually done very little of any real Caribbean hunting down Nostrand, Fulton, Church etc in years. My daughter is with me frequently for day time snacking expeditions, and while she's pretty advanced for a 12 year old, she's still not good with heavily spiced foods - even if it's not hot spicey.

      1. Agree that the patties are delicious, however the service can be iffy. One afternoon I went in to pick up two veggie patties (old location) and was rung up for $4.00. I handed the cashier a five dollar bill. He held my change over the tip jar and said, "This is for me, right?" I probably would have tipped him anyway, but that was awkward.

        1. Christie's chicken patties have had the baby-food mushy texture for well over a year now. Something tells me ownership changed about that time.

          The strange part was when the patty had intact meat, invariably you'd be pickin' out a bone fragment or two. This current version may be the anti-liability compromise.

          Excellent bread pudding.

          1. A year??? Really? I havent been there in that long? Geez. Well, that's a shame about the permanent chicken patty change. I never got the bread pudding tho and shall now do so! And so to Crown Heights, etc.