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Aug 11, 2006 07:01 PM

Looking for BEST mac and cheese or BBQ in Brooklyn

preferably somewhere near the F, N, R or Q.

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  1. Best mac&cheese - Dumont (sorry, L train)

    Best BBQ - Applewood, 11th Street, F train to 7th Av.

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    1. re: erikka

      Second the highbrow DuMac & Cheese from Dumont. So good with bacon that even a vegetarian friend makes it his one meat-eating exception.

      1. re: bhill

        Add another vote for DuMont! That mac and cheese is crazy good. So rich that I would probably split it with my BF next time.

    2. has anyone tried Pioneer BarBQ?

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      1. re: misscrissa

        Stay away. Stay very away from any 'BBQ' product at Pioneer. Slip short process equals bad 'que. Can't rush a 14hr. low and slow smoke process.

      2. Best mac & cheese? Ruthie's, which is on DeKalb a couple blocks east of Flatbush Ave., very near DeKalb Ave. stop.

        There is no good BBQ in Brooklyn.

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        1. re: Woodside Al

          Would you recommend anything else there?

          1. re: dimples

            smothered dishes, pork chops, cornbread, sweetpotato pie etc.

            1. re: jen kalb

              I've eaten Ruthie's twice and it was amazing both times. I had BBQ chicken the last time I was there and really enjoyed it. I've forgotten the sides I had, but I often find myself longing for Ruthie's (I'm not in the neighborhood).

        2. Gotta say, the pork (and only the pork) at Bar BQ is fantastic, or at least was the last time I had it a week ago. Smoky, and moist.

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          1. re: PAL

            You mean the pulled pork (like N.C. style)? Never had it there. Only had the ribs, which were, frankly, terrible.

            For the original poster: Bar BQ is on 6th Ave. @ 20th St., not too far from the Prospect Ave. or 25th St. stops on the R. I second Soul Spot below for mac & cheese. But their BBQ is terrible too. It's on Atlantic several blocks west of the subway (N,R,&Q).

            Williamsburg, despite those giving recommendations here, is nowhere near your specified subway lines.

            You might consider Jamaican jerk instead. Many good places in Brooklyn for that. Search the board.

          2. Good BBQ in Brooklyn is @ Pies & Thighs in Williamsburg. They also have a great spicy mac and cheese.

            Check out Soul Spot on Atlantic Ave @ Smith St. for great mac and cheese as well.

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            1. re: EJC

              LOVE LOVE the macaroni & cheese. Not traditional in that it's not baked, but so good! Pulled pork not at all bad. Fun place. Has anyone had the fried chicken?