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Pho. The best in NYC. Where it is. No phooling around.

Who knows pho?
I've been in the city 3 years and have had noting but disappointing pho experiences. I didn't realize it at the time, but I think growing up in Arlington VA, in the bosom of a fairly large Vietnamese immigrant community, that I was spoiled with regards to pho (and Vietnamese food in general).
Has anyone ever eaten at the Pho 75 on Wilson Blvd.? If you have then you have tasted pho. Oh yes. Not the bouillon cube broth and wilted basil stuff you get at places with things on the menu which are non-pho. There should be only PHO on the menu! If there is a menu at all!
Please help me find the true pho.
Thank you.

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  1. can't say i'm at your level of pho purity, but i've had some excellent vietnamese food down in Sunset Park in Brooklyn. very simple, everything's fresh... there's a little vietnamese enclave on 8th avenue in the 40s-50s. maybe a good place to look for an all pho place, or at least ask around....

    good luck

    1. Im not aware of any all-pho places in NYC but there are places which come close or identify themselves as pho places. Im thinking of Pho Cong Ly on Hester St e. of Bowery which almost has only pho, and Pho Tu Do, on Bowery, where we have enjoyed the pho for many yrs, tho it has other dishes.

      There is good pho in sunset park too, at a couple of places, but the best we have had is at cho on (ti an) on 8thin the mid-50s. I always screw up the name of this place, but if you look at the other sunset park threads, you will find it. There are other places for pho in Brooklyn as well on 86th St and on 18th Ave - Ive tried the place on 86th and it is good but not better than those mentioned above.

      1. Wow, thanks. I haven't checked out the Brooklyn scene at all.
        Can't wait!

        1. Amidst all the faux Louis Voutton and Prada stalls on Canal Street, there is (or was--I was last there about a year ago) a little hole-in-the-wall (quite literally) Vietnamese stall (N side, between Lafayette and B'way) which serves up some pretty mean pho. It's not visible from the street, which means you will have to poke deep into some of the aforementioned knock-off stalls. Wobbly tables and stools for seating, threadbare atmosphere--but memorable food. Good luck finding it!

          1. It's probably not a straight up version, but I am very fond of the vietnamese food served up at Hoi An on West Broadway. It's right near the Odeon. It's a sweet little quiet place -- very elegant. it's tag line is "vietnamese in a japanese kitchen."
            135 W Broadway
            Btwn Duane & Thomas St

            Phone: [Note: phone number is no longer active and has been removed. -- The Chowhound Team]

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              This restaurant is closed. The number posted is wrong please remove! Thanks!

            2. No love for Pho Bang (Mott just north of Grand St.)? The basil and sprouts are always fresh, the broth tasty, and the menu is mostly pho...

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                this is my go-to pho place. great rec.

              2. I hear you - most pho is just awful. i think that pho cong ly on hester street is head and shoulders above any other place i've tried in brooklyn or manhattan for pho. the difference is their broth - its just beautiful 99% of the time, and the 1% when its average is if you go right when they close at 8pm. their sprouts and basil are usually very fresh and vibrant too. the noodles too are on target - not gloopy and oversaturated with liquid. they also do a great job with the meat choices (i currently cannot get enough of their nam - the well done beef). pho bang and the others just cannot match this place.

                1. I have been to the pho restaurants on Seven Corners in Arlington and my preference was for seafood pho. I loved the basil and bean sprouts that always came with the soup along with the interesting unusual delectable pieces of seafood. I have been to a few Vietnamese restaurants in Flushing and Elmhurst and none comes up to the purity of the Va. versions and there is none that exclusively serves pho, be it meat or seafood versions. I can recommend one that I like and that is Pho, on Prince Street, in Flushing. My wife generally orders the curry chicken which is like a soup and I have the seafood pho. I doubt that the broth is fish based. It has a light yellow color which might make it chicken, but the taste and seafood are good. Again, it lacks the bounty of basil and beansprouts that Va. shops offer, but it is as good as it gets around here, imho.

                  1. i like pho bac in elmhurst