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Aug 11, 2006 06:44 PM

vanilla peanut butter ice cream?

Might sound gross to some- but if you've ever been to Gino's on Long Beach you would understand. (Or Carvel in the late 80's for that matter). Does anyone know of a place to get this delicacy (vanilla peanut butter ice cream) in brooklyn or queens?? L.I. is too far to go to satisfy the craving.

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  1. I tried Shake Shack's Vanilla Peanut Butter Banana thing... Concrete Jungle?, but I didn't think it was so great.
    I am on the lookout also...

    1. Haagen Dazs used to make that, along with a chocolate version. I haven't seen it in ages, though, which leads me to believe that only the chocolate version is still made. It may be worth asking for at your local shop, though.

      1. Just a thought, but maybe Coldstone offers peanut butter as a mix in? You could make your own that way. There's one in the Target Mall in downtown Brooklyn.

        1. Any Carvel can still do that. Try the Peanut Butter Treasure (that's chocolate with peanut butter swirl and either Reese's Pieces or chopped up PB cups). If you make friends with the manager they might even make the Vanilla Peanut Butter for you.

          1. Eagle River Dairy, out of Eagle River, Wisconsin sells it. the only establishment i know of that buys it from them is Jansen's Eagle Lake Resort in Eagle River, Wisconsin. it my family's vacation spot. thats how i know. they once gave me the number and namke to the vendor above, but the jerks never returned my calls.