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creative and romantic for anniversary dinner

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Hi,I am looking for a place like cafe boulud or bouley in NYC. Looking for a romantic place with good,creative menu and great service. I was looking at a few places and they each got some negatve review.
Providence-boring room
sona-not that great
spago-tired dining room
melisse-ok menu
Please help me.

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  1. I love the restaurants you mentioned in NYC and I don't think you can find any like it here. Maybe other people can give you some ideas. I am surprise you didn't get any response.

    1. Spago Beverly Hills does not have a tired dining room. It's a beautiful mixed garden-like setting, with a few old world touches perhaps, but extremely comfortable in its seating and ambience. And the waitstaff is disarmingly charming. The food is top notch, a good value and it's very So Cal. What more would you want for romantic?

      p.s. I've always heard the Hotel Bel Air is THE most romantic spot to dine, but I've not been there.

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        agreed about spago. resesrve a table outside on the patio/courtyard and you can enjoy one of the best tasting menu's in a very charming and romantic setting. =)

      2. I always find the patio at Michael's in Santa Monica very romantic. I think the food is consisently good as well.

        1. What about the patio at Lucques?

          1. The Answer is AMBROSIA in SA. Reminds me of Chez Cary(orange), long gone!
            Private Rooms, We've been in most of them.
            Great food (Exec Chef from 808 , Caesars Palace.
            Excellent Service, request AJ or Mercia

            If you can't leave LA maybe Oceanfront at Casa del Mar?
            Just had a great Dinner at Melisse last week, 4 hrs.

            1. Bouley is probably my favorite restaurant anywhere, and I just don't think there's anything on that level here. But I think that with a little bit of planning, you can have a very special meal. I've had very good luck calling places in advance, telling them what kind of occasion I've got, chatting for a while about how much I love their place and asking them if they can do anything special. Grace treated us so well when my parents visited from out of town for their anniversary. I called, told them it was a special occasion and had some questions about the tasting menu, and they created a wonderful five-course menu that was slightly different from their regular tasting menu (which is fabulous, by the way). And we had amazing service. Grace is a little loud sometimes, but ask for a quieter romantic "special occasion" table and it's a good pick. Sona, which wasn't really one of my favorites, recently won me over when they built a tasting menu for my friend who wanted to pair some very special wines with his meal. The meal and the service were fantastic. I suspect that you could ask any number of the top places in town to do something like that, and you'll be pretty happy. Another thought is Saddle Peak Lodge -- wonderful food, different from anything else around, and a really special setting. Good luck and happy anniversary in advance!

              1. Thank you for all the suggestions. It's funny Ambrosia was mentioned,because we live in OC. I was considering Ambrosia for my birthday,but I read a so so review in one of the papers and chose alex in LV. For good food I travel far. Keep the ideas coming.

                1. Having been to AMBROSIA several times in the last few months I think you will be Amazed at all levels. We have been. The cost of the Remodel was over 20 million and you'll see why once you go.
                  We happen to love ALEX (Wynn) also and if you like Seafood BARTOLATA is really good.
                  When we go to PROVIDENCE we always have the CHEF'S TABLE which is hardly boring?
                  We were at SPAGO 2 weeks ago and the food(tasting menu) is still awesome.
                  We were at MELISSE last week and the ALA Carte Menu was fantastic!
                  If you like Authentic Sushi Urasawa is wonderful.