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Aug 11, 2006 06:26 PM

creative and romantic for anniversary dinner

Hi,I am looking for a place like cafe boulud or bouley in NYC. Looking for a romantic place with good,creative menu and great service. I was looking at a few places and they each got some negatve review.
Providence-boring room
sona-not that great
spago-tired dining room
melisse-ok menu
Please help me.

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  1. I love the restaurants you mentioned in NYC and I don't think you can find any like it here. Maybe other people can give you some ideas. I am surprise you didn't get any response.

    1. Spago Beverly Hills does not have a tired dining room. It's a beautiful mixed garden-like setting, with a few old world touches perhaps, but extremely comfortable in its seating and ambience. And the waitstaff is disarmingly charming. The food is top notch, a good value and it's very So Cal. What more would you want for romantic?

      p.s. I've always heard the Hotel Bel Air is THE most romantic spot to dine, but I've not been there.

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        agreed about spago. resesrve a table outside on the patio/courtyard and you can enjoy one of the best tasting menu's in a very charming and romantic setting. =)

      2. I always find the patio at Michael's in Santa Monica very romantic. I think the food is consisently good as well.

        1. What about the patio at Lucques?

          1. The Answer is AMBROSIA in SA. Reminds me of Chez Cary(orange), long gone!
            Private Rooms, We've been in most of them.
            Great food (Exec Chef from 808 , Caesars Palace.
            Excellent Service, request AJ or Mercia

            If you can't leave LA maybe Oceanfront at Casa del Mar?
            Just had a great Dinner at Melisse last week, 4 hrs.