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Aug 11, 2006 05:56 PM

San Jose Del Cabo........

My wife and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary at One and Only Palmilla next month. Can you recommend several restaurants for fine dining at night. I know I would like to eat at Charlie Trotter's "C" Restaurant and O&O one night. Thanks.

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  1. I stayed at Palmilla about 5 years ago; very nice, and apparently it has been upgraded since then. (Which explains why the prices now are totally ridiculous.) We were a big group, so it's difficult to compare with what you might be looking for.

    We ate down the corridor at Las Ventanas, at a pool-level restaurant where the tables spilled out onto the patio. Very peaceful, except when the water brought something over to light some things on fire. (I had a bit to drink and can't remember what it was.) Good food quality and reasonable portions. As the hotel itself is very expensive, I suspect the prices here are high, too.

    We also ate in Cabo San Lucas at "El Faro Viejo" also known as the old or original trailer park. Located in the middle of nowhere, it has a huge menu of seafood. Serious party atmosphere, excellent shrimp, lots of red meat. I think it's overpriced, but a lot of people feel a trip to Cabo is incomplete without eating here.

    In November 2000, I took a low-budget trip with a friend, starting in La Paz and circling around through Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and Cabo Pulmo before returning the rental car back in La Paz.

    For a quick bite, I really really enjoyed the marlin tacos at various outposts of Super Tacos de Baja California (on a stand up one of the main streets in Cabo; also in downtown La Paz near a huge department store, perhaps La Perla). Juicy and dripping with flavor, we discovered that the smoked marlin is grilled in a huge wad of butter or margarine. It's definitely a guilty pleasure.

    In San Jose del Cabo we stayed at the Tropicana and we may have eaten there. Another night we prowled around until hunger overtook us and we finished arguing about where to eat. Neither of those nights was especially memorable at this point...

    Good luck and have a great trip!

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      Hey, I found a really old post about Super Tacos which I made almost 6 years ago:

    2. There is a lovely rstaurant in San Jose - really lovely atmosphere and wonderful food - and not over-priced --called El Chular. Ask anyone for directions. Also, if you get bored with Mexican food (we live here so it does happen) there is Ban Thai. Also a very nice wine bar in the central district. Only one - ask anyone. Oh and Morgan's if you want pricey, up-scale. We only go into CSL to pick up the mail and keep moving through there.

      Remember,lots of places are closed in September - it is hurricane season. Don't come to Todos Santos because most of our restaurants and shops will be closed - many are already closed. Santa Fe does not reopen until November.

      1. in San jose you must eat at mi cocina at Casa Natalia...i'll go out on a limb and say the best restaurant in the city.