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Aug 11, 2006 05:44 PM

Fancy Pancakes...

Feeling like Pancakes this weekend... But I want something out of the ordinary, with flavor. I love Campanile's Sour Dough Pancakes. I've always been curious about Dinah's German Pancakes... Any other suggestions?

I'd like Pancakes, not crepes and No geographical preferences, just want to see what is out there... and if it rings my bell, I'm willing to travel... :)


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  1. The most overwhelming pancake experience I can think of is to be had at The Griddle on Sunset & Fairfax in Hollywood. You get three enormous, plate-sized pancakes (plenty to share and/or take home) and they come in an array of inventive flavors (chocolatey ones, fruity ones, etc. ). I had the ones that were flavored with Bailey's & Kahlua and topped with whipped cream, and my friend had boysenberry. It's rather chaotic there, and the service at atmosphere crowded and frenetic, and there can be a bit of a wait, but it's the first place I thought of when you said out of the ordinary in terms of pancakes.

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      The Griddle Cafe's pancakes are insane. They devote an entire page of their menu to just pancakes. I heard their pumpkin pancakes are delicious. I have yet to try their pancakes but am in LOVE with their french toast. Simply the best I've had in ages.

    2. my sister-in-law says the best pancakes are at madame matisse in silver lake.

      1. The restaurant at Shutters (One Pico?) has lemon-ricotta pancakes that are delicious.

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          Yes, One Pico's pancakes--and with a stunning view!

        2. Get up early and drive down to The Original Pancake House in Anaheim (1418 E. Lincoln Ave., (714) 535-9815, ). Their apple pancake is wonderful, as is pretty much everything else on their menu. (And the point of getting up early is to miss the line that forms pretty much any time after 9 on weekends.)

          Also, fwiw, and based on a single sample only, I thought The Griddle was okay, but not extraordinary.

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            Ohhhhhhh yeah. I *love* the apple pancake at Original Pancake House. Can't eat a whole one myself, but it's wonderful. Here's a hint: you can park in the lot of the building behind it at the weekend.

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              There's also a branch in Redondo Beach (PCH & Palos Verdes Dr., a few doors south of Bristol Farms, and very close to Chez Melange), if you don't want to go all the way to Anaheim. I've also heard good things about the pumpkin panckaes at Kokomo's in Farmer's Market - brother swears by them.

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                DK great choice(OPH,Anaheim)! Meet you at 8a tomorrow(sat)morning to split a Apple and German Pancake(lemon and powdered sugar) with lots of Crisp bacon. If you have time a Live King Crab for lunch at China Garden around Noon.

              2. The Griddle is excellent, as is The Original Pancake House. There's one of the latter by the beach as well:

                Redondo Beach
                1756 South Pacific Coast Hwy.
                Redondo Beach, California 90277