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Aug 11, 2006 05:33 PM

Less than feliz in los feliz. Help, need recs for new places...

Need to break out of a lunch group rotation that includes: Home, Zankou, Palermo, Mimi's, Palm Thai, Fred 62, and Electric Lotus.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Open to all food types. Does anyone know of a good pupusa place around Los Feliz?


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  1. First, stop going to Palermo, Mimis, Palm, and Electric Lotus, which are all not so good. Next, switch out with Farfalla (the lunch salads are the highest quality in the area hands down) Gingergrass, Sanamluang, and Yucas. Hope that helps.

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      i second the above. and go grab some gelato and espresso at pazzo gelato after you eat.

    2. For pupusas you have to venture directly south of Los Feliz to East Hollywood. There's a big El Salvadoran population there (among other groups!). The name escapes me but there's a place that has great pupusas on Vermont & Monroe right across from LA City College. I believe the place is called Golfo de Fonseca. It's sandwiched in between Rocco's Pizza and The Library Cafe.

      There's also Los Tres Amigos restaurant on Santa Monica at Edgemont. There's quite a bit of places to find pupusas in E-Ho.

      1. I like the Alcove for their salads, but not much else. I also like Comfort Cafe because it's pretty laid back, albeit a little standard in terms of food. Also, I think Square One Dining is one of the best places in both Silver Lake and Los Feliz. Too bad it closes at 4pm.

        1. Comfort Cafe, Gingergrass, Yuca, San Sui (the Japanese place on Hillhurst near Yuca), HOME, Ye Rustic Inn for burgers and buffalo chicken wings, Pazzo Gelato (next to Pazzo Gelato is a new Town & Country bakery/sandwich place), Tacos Delta, GOOD Microbrew, Saito, Kitchen on Fountain, Nadprob Thai, Cafe Stella.

          1. Il Capriccio on Vermont and Allegria on Sunset (BYOB).

            Gingergrass is automatic. save a few bucks. The Kitchen, too.

            I like the atmosphere at El Chavo: Not the best food, but a decent marg.

            The cheapest breakfast on this side of town? the Atwater pitch 'n putt.