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Favorite on-line direct order Coffee?

Anyone care to share a recommendation?

Thanks very much.

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  1. I've been ordering from CoffeeAM for several years, and enjoy the choices of beans, where they've got coffee beans slotted in Roast Profiles. http://www.coffeeam.com/coroch.html Allows me to choose the acidity and body that I prefer.

    1. I am partial to Peets. Its roasted on the 18th and delivered on the 19th every month....

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        I strongly second the vote for Peets!

        1. re: byrd

          I strongly second the vote for La Colombe Torrefaction. Still, I'll pop into Peets for a dry cap.

          1. Jones Coffee Roasters, out of Pasadena, California:


            I'm drinking some of their "Chuck Roast" (Guatemalan blend) right now. Jones gives you a nice discount if you order 5 pounds, they ship UPS the same day they receive your order.

            1. I've tried several companies recently, and my favorite was Rao's.


              1. My family loves Cafe Britt in Costa Rica. You can find them online. We love the Costa Rica Dark Roast...

                1. I order from Gimme Coffee, specifically the Leftist espresso blend.

                  1. Coffee Fool (http://www.coffeefool.com), especially the flavored coffees. The only ones my hubby and I wound up not liking (so far) are Tanzanian Peaberry and Blueberry.

                    1. I tend to buy their coffees in person, but they also have online stores:

                      Herkimer Coffee
                      Seattle Coffee Works
                      Zoka Coffee
                      Caffe Ladro
                      Stumptown Coffee
                      Caffe Vita