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Aug 11, 2006 04:31 PM

best grill-meister in town?

wondering who's the reigning king of seared flesh right now. high or low. not necessarily barbecue--thinking more in terms of steaks, pork chops, fish. Fancy is fine.

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  1. We had a grilled chicken at Incanto that was just perfect. My dining companion who grills a lot discussed the technique at length with chef Chris Cosentino.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      I've got to try this place. It's something special, yes? Been seeing a lot reference to it. Down on Church? Aggressively Tuscan?

    2. What town are we talking about? :-)
      and search for "Victor Arguinzoniz" ... he's the grill f'cking

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      1. re: psb

        the town by the bay. SF. and thanks for the Victor tip!

      2. I like dining at the bar in Incanto. Seems more interactive. I've had better wine/food pairings than when I've sat at a table (not that it's ever been bad).