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Aug 11, 2006 04:10 PM

Calgary Business Dinner Restaurant

Hi there, looking for a recommendation for a restaurant in Calgary that can host about 15-20 people for a business dinner (private room preferred). Must have excellent food and great wine list. Expense account, so cost isn't a factor.


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  1. Rouge is one of the best restaurants in town but you would have to check with them to see if they could fit your numbers. It is an old-for Calgary-Victorian House that notwithstanding its refurbishment still has the individual original rooms with various sizes. Another idea would be The Wildwood. It has a private room at the back that could accomodate your party.


    1. Centini has a private room and from personal experience is VERY adept at handling large-ish "biz" crowds. I should add that I adore this place and that each subsequent visit has been better than the last.

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        I also LOVE Centini and have found them to very accomidating to a group. We all did the tasting menu paird w/ wine and it was really really good.

      2. I would recommend MUSE as well. The lower level is quite private and could handle a group that size.

        I've never noticed private rooms at St Germain or Raw Bar, both in the Hotel Arts, but I've had 2 amazing meals at both places, with clients.

        I could care less about FFWD and the G&M's reviews of St Germain... I found the classic French food to be quite outstanding.

        1. I love the food at Rouge - and they do have a private room upstairs i believe that could accomodate that number, as long as you book far enough in advance. They are quite busy.

          Out of curiosity, i've always heard that The Belvedere was a great restaurant with a great (classic + expensive) wine list, but i've never had the opportunity to eat there. YYC Chowhounders never seem to recommend it for any kind of occasion, and i was wondering why? Have most people not eaten there, or is it tremendously overrated? Anyone fill me in?

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            The last time (six months ago) I ate at the Belevedere I had a superb meal. Although it is not specifically a seafood restaurant it has IMHO the best seafood in town. The only drawback is that it is very expensive. It would be great for any occasion except for a private business dinner in that they do not have a private room.

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